Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Dear readers, 

I'm thankful for all the emails I get every week expressing your gratitude for this blog, questions about medical-aesthetic issues, when I'm coming back to work at the clinic or just other interesting things you'd like to share with me more privatly.
You have to understand that I read all emails, but considering the high volume average size, I hardly have time to give them a proper answer immediately. Most answers will take a while because there's just not enough time with a toddler at home, hating when I sit in front of the computer.
I normally write email at night, but at the same time, I do have a private life, a man and other needs. So please be patient, especially not if you have many questions or a long life history to share: such answers take time.

I know I have forgotten many of your emails in the run. My brain is occupied with so many things and then I can't find the emails that I wanted to respond to. My dearest apologises for that; it's not my intention to be rude or to forget anyone. I try to answer really important emails very quickly, but I take the decision that most emails can wait a little to be answered. I just wanted to explain myself. 

(The bag contains some goodies from my Stockholm trip that I will show later.)


  1. Nut Stina, it's very kind to apologize but your really DO NOT have to! I think that all your followers are intelligent enough to understand that you cannot answer to each one with all what you do in your life ! For my part, I completely understand that and I am already so happy that you take time to write to us.. and share with us your pictures and a little bit of your life, M, and Alexis. Sure that everyone understands that. Thank again for your precious blog. XXX

  2. I totally agree with Uta! But about you getting back to work for example, I think that there are many who is interested. So you can always share some of the answers with all of us instead.. Just a thought..

    Thank you for writing my favourite blog!


  3. ITA with Uta! ;-) But since I'm also a blogger, I understand quite well the "need" to explain oneself. Love your blog, even more so your style and all of your wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and thoughts - xox, Macs (www.macsblog.at)

  4. Håller med föregående kommentarer. Vi förstår dig till fullo, all respekt för det! Tycker att det är fantastiskt vänligt och hövligt att du skriver detta inlägg till alla oss som verkligen verkligen uppskattar och gillar din blogg skarpt på alla sätt och vis. Du inspirerar och har så oerhört mycket karisma, intelligens, stil och kunskap. Tack igen! Vänligen, Åsa

  5. Wow, jag visste inte att du ens tog dig tid att svara på de mail du får. Det får en att tycka om dig ännu mer. Tack för en intellektuell och på alla sätt underbar blogg. Den är ett uppskattad guldkorn som lyfter bloggvärlden till en värdig plats till skillnad från alla ytliga skräpbloggar som florerar.