Friday, November 23, 2012

Fine Decor Magazine

Good Morning this chilly Friday!

We would just like to remind you about our internet magazine Fine Decor's 4th number!
So much work lies behind a magazine like this and we really appreciate when you read, comment and spread it (read HERE how to spread it very easy). Please enjoy it this afternoon and tell all your friends about it and feel free to share the link on your blog etc. Thank you!

Click HERE and start reading.

Talk soon!


  1. Fantastic! good job really Stina.
    I would like to tell you that I went to Apple and when I am not at home or I answer through I-Phone, it's impossible to send to send my name. So I will send "anonymous" and sign Uta into the text when abroad or the very early morming when my husand still sleeping !
    Apple is not compatible with Windows computer.... Too complicate for me all that when nobody shows me....
    Continue to make us to dream.

  2. Great, but why is the text so small? At least it's how it appears on my iPad. Are you planning on a mobile version of the magazine?

  3. This is great!