Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday mood

Tonight I'll spend some nice time with these two lovely and stylish sisters. If I could have it all, I would have loved to add my own little sister Lissie. That would have been the cherry on the ice cream.


  1. Yes they are cute and very young. I hope Lissie is not jealous of what you said.... XXX

    1. Yes Uta, the one to the left is actually younger than my sister, but Louise is 28 years old.

  2. Oh sorry I had not understood the right sense of your sentence Stina. Yes of course all together would have been very nice.

  3. having a girls time is always great :)

  4. Love your blogposts when you write about cultural life in Geneva AND when you show pictures of your friends there. So stylish! I wish people looked like that in Stockholm... Have a nice weekend!

  5. I love your friends style: Lauras, Louises and her sisters!!! Expensive with " that little extra"!!!
    Not just expensive in this proper= boring way!!!
    Do they write a blog as you? Would like to see more of their outfits!!!

  6. Kära Stina,

    Jag undrar hur du ser på ekologisk hudvård som Jurlique, jag har använt Mene Moy i 3 år och nu Jan Marini i över ett år. Jag funderar nu på att övergå till naturlig hudvård som Jurlique, tror du att de kan vara effektiva? Vad är din erfarenhet. Jag lider av att kunna få acne utbrott samt torr och fet hy.