Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jacket and coats

This picture was taken in september in Stockholm, wearing this snake pattern coat from Minimarket. Today I saw that my dear friends Minna has a superb discount code (40 percent off!!!) on all jackets and coats if you use this code: minna<3kotyrkappor
Go here and take a look!


  1. Its Uta again I après midi happy we will finf Monky belonging to HM very soon swesish label lnown by the fashionable quite few and I like kate moss boots for exame! Wi did not know the name of this shop here. Yours. Uta

  2. I sent already my comments which did not arrive...always I Phone problems.
    I was saying; I have a similar coat but leopard design, I wear sit with classical garnaments,black trousers etc like you, I love it but my husband haaaates it ! Fashion and men is not always the same sense of taste!
    Priobably he found it vulgar nut not on us, no ?
    Anyway I do not mind and I wear it... We leave for few day going to sunny country. Warmest regards.

    1. I know, men are different in the taste than women. M would love me to wear red and colourful things all the time and some of the clothes I wear, he don't understand at all. But we mostly dress for ourselves, right!

  3. P.S. I like also very much the pretty face of your friends Minna.