Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meet Louise

Let me introduce another of my female friends here, you actually already seen her in this post a couple of weeks ago. But this is Louise, a lovely, very pretty, intelligent and stylish woman as well. She's a super fun and lively person and we both have toddlers in the same age but also enjoy spending time just the two of us whenever we have opportunity, which actually comes too seldom.
Like on this photo, we're having a glass of Champagne at the Hyatt which we can highly recommend when visiting Zürich (and also a nice hotel for whoever is looking for place to stay here in the city). Louise actually studied law at the beginning but moved here before starting her career and she now is a stay at home mother and just a lady who enjoys her free time.
She loves style and fashion just like me and it's always fun to chat with one that knows exactly what I'm talking about, which is not always the case with friends that share other interests of mine.
Louise is very generous, thoughtful and bubbly, not to mention her husband! He's just a blast and such an entertainer. The last time I went out was with them and some other fun people, and it all ended up with me not wanting to go home, which is very, very rare. They both will be joining our crowd on Saturday and we're all looking forward to it so much!


  1. Kul att få träffa dina vänner
    Ha en fin dag

  2. Dear Stina,

    she looks absolutely stunning! But I have a question for you: Do you normally ask the people whether you could take pictures of them for your blog and do they know about it or do you just put them up because you assume they would be ok with it?

    I just wonder whether Swiss people are really so open-minded as for example Swedes when it comes to blogs ;)

    Best regards from Germany!

  3. Such a Swedish beauty! I can imagine you having a lot of fun together :) Enjoy your weekend with friends!