Sunday, November 25, 2012

Old Fashion Bar

Another great little hideaway when you're planning to come to Zürich is the Old Fashion Bar which was established in 1886. It's said to be the oldest bar of the city. They've done some restorations during the years, but even after this, the bar has this sort of old touch and the old fashioned feeling remains. The atmosphere is in some ways heavy with the dark walls, english fabric on the chairs and a lot of wood but also with high ceilings in white with classy stucco.
The classic way to go if you care for a city lunch is the club sandwich with super thin "allumette" french fries served to it in the bar area and I have to say, it's outstanding and one of the best I've eaten.
The bar also has a wide selection of wines has a impressive choice. If you care to eat during the evening, they also have a restaurant which in the summer also offers a cute and hidden terrace that is very popular for the one who knows about this pearl. Definitely worth a visit!


  1. Vad mysigt, hoppas jag kommer dit en dag . /Jenny

  2. Yes very nice and so good club sandwiches with french fries...... and a good glass of wine and it's perfect for a Sunday lunch. XX