Friday, November 16, 2012


Here we are in Stockholm. Yesterday was beautiful, crispy cold yet sunny air and enjoyable when in the sun. The evening darkness comes earlier and earlier and at 4pm it's almost dark and sometimes during wintertime it even starts at 3pm. It's quite particular when not used to it, but it has it's advantages also. Like the cosiness the northern people have created at home with the strong tradition of having light sources in every corner and candlelight everywhere. We have to and enjoy it and nowhere else have I found this strong candle lighting like in Sweden.
The trip back home went fine, even though our little one had some problems with his stomach, but I hardly get stressed or anything any longer. Breathe and relax. Everything will be fine in the end. I'm meeting some dear girlfriends for dinner tonight and I'm eager to see them again. Theknown for some time now. I treasure it even more now when I'm living in two different countries and also the city itself feels more fascination and interesting when I see it with a visitor's eye. So much has happened in the past three years, it's actually incredible when I think about it.

(Picture with beautiful light, in September this year in Algarve, click here to see more pictures)


  1. Dear Stina,

    I'll write in English in the case of other international readers :)

    I have some questions about how it is in Zurich as a foreigner moving there. Me and my man lives in UK and none of us are from here. But we still feel quite ok with most of the things here (but still might not want to stay forever...), and I'm thinking it could be the aspect of the language. So, my main questions is: Is it important to know the language in Zurich (is M from Switzerland?), do you know the language? Have you came across any difficulties about this?

    We have been talking about other countries to move to, and it seems Switzerland is quite good to move to as two foreigners (my first impression at least, please feel free to tell more if you have time :)). But one concern is the language!

    Thank you for a lovely blog, great inspiring pictures and it's fun to follow you're new life abroad too with your beautiful family!


  2. beautiful picture of you !!! as always :) great blouse.
    enjoy stockholm.

  3. Stina! Vart ska man fylla sina läppar med restylane om inte hos dig? Jag är ganska rädd av mig och är livrädd för komplikationer. Vet du någon bra i Göteborg eller har du nått ställe i Sthlm att tipsa om?

    :) Hos dig hade jag vågat göra det men du bor ju i Schweiz nu! :(

    Mvh // Petra

  4. Stina you have done such a good and long way since I know you! You had intelligence to take all opportunities which occured at the time and without loosing but gaining a new family, keeping yours already here, continuinh to work, be fashion and beautiful and trying to adapt the best you can to any kind of situations regarding positevely. It's true that you have found the good and solid man that you needed who is hansome also, it's not to be neglitated.... I admire you for many think really and partcularly for your decision to change of life. Of course its easier when you have such a fantastic family as you have but you are strong. I hope your week end or these few days charging again your "batteries" wih love and so full of good ideas to share with us your followers. I sign anonymous but It's Uta writing from I phone which can sign otherwise!!! I have to go to Aple to see what is the problem. Spend a good time with yr friends and family in Stockholm and warmest regards. Uta

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