Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As you might have noticed, dressing our little son Alexis is just as natural as anything being the mother I am. I love good quality and nice looking clothing even for him and I enjoy very much dressing him up in a practical, comfortable but yet stylish and sophisticated manner. One doesn't need to exclude the other.

So I created a blog just like Stina's Vintage Store (new things in there by the way) but this is for the little ones. I will put used beautiful and stylish clothes for babies and toddlers there. Most clothes are unisex and all of them are of high quality from the best brands.

Welcome to the world of stylish toddlers and babies!!


  1. Oh my godnes!! How I wish I had a little toddler now.. Adorable :)

  2. De plagg som är större, är det begagnande eller nya? Din bebis har väl inte 5-6 årings storlek?

  3. Stina- i am amazed with your clothes- but i wanna ask - have you actually worn/owned all of them?! i mean most people have 3-4 coats maybe, and thats what you have for sale in your shop now. or are you a professional vintage shopper/dealer and just buy to re-sell?

    1. Hi, It's all mine. An american page did an interview with my recently about my collections, style etc. I will publish it here whenever they've published it. You will understand better after reading it!

      Have a nice day!

  4. ok cool - look forward to read it! PS thanks for alwaaays getting back to your readers! have a fab day too :)