Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday in the nature

What a wonderful weekend I've had! Such a perfect blend of everything important in life. Quality family time, walks in the mild temperatures of Zürich (15-18 degrees), lovely city lunch, nature stroll and dinner out with friends and a lot of romance!

(wool coat/poncho: Ann Taylor, boots: Acne and a very old pochette from: Louis Vuitton)


  1. Very happy you were.... We had such terrible liters of water in France impossible to go outside ! I used also each time I walk little L.V. bag so useful for necessary items. XX

    1. Ohh No, actually the rain came today to Zürich, hope it wont last! Yes, the small pochette is perfect for that! Hugs,

  2. wow, gillar, gillar, gillar vill ochså ha en likadan poncho :)

  3. You're so pretty! :) Greetings from Russia!

  4. My dearest Stina.. I see these beautiful pictures on you and your beautiful family and I just feel overwhelmed with joy for you all <3 I´ve read your blog for a long time now and I´m so tremendously happy for your happiness. I just recently (last week) found out that my husband have had this double life for 12 years and we are having a divorce. It´s an experience I do not even wish my worst enemy. However... I have my princess and I have my health and the whole life infront of me. I am more positive than feeling anger and I just feel how the negativity is a waste of time. He is gone. I am free. To lead a life that was meant for me. Sorry... didn´t mean to blab away. All and all. Glad that you keep filling the empty sphere of the net with so much positive energy and joyous pictures. Wish you all the best- always.