Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lemon delicacies

Big craving whenI have this in front of me. Nom, nom ...
You will find the recipe here.


  1. ooohhh...I may have just found a dessert for the party I'm attending this weekend!

  2. I LOOOVE this lemon cake! made it many times and everybody goes completely crazy over it! So thank you Stina for the recipe. Lova, Rima

  3. I love everything sweet with a little twist, like key lime pie.

    It's about a week till Christmas. How're the decorations coming along,
    are you focused on simple, yet appealing decor, like the pie above?
    Or big, and bold, with careful attention to quality and details, like some items in your wardrobe?

    I'm still thinking about our decorations. All I know so far: we'll be having lots of candles, around the home, my husband and I.

    Have a really great Friday and family weekend.

    - The Finnish Girl -

  4. i love all lemon cakes ! Yum.

  5. Hej Stina! Kan du tänka dig att sälja din svarta gucci-kappa för 3000 kr nu innan jul?