Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miss Voon

You know that special, butterfly feeling you'll end up having after a perfect get-together or just a private one-by-one chat with someone very dear or interesting? Where the subjects reaches beyond superficial things and just turns out to be interesting, fulfilling and uplifting conversations about life, development and experiences, woman to woman?
Like always when I'm coming to Stockholm it's very hard to make time to meet all of my dear friends, so a very good way is to collect them all together and enjoy a complete evening of true joy and warmth. Yesterday at Miss Voon was like that. Unfortunately some got sick during the week, but I truly enjoyed the ones present. I sat at one point, quite and just looked around their faces and felt so amazed and proud over these women; so independent, strong and fascinating, all in their own personal way. I felt very blessed being surrounded with a crowd like that and being able to have them close in my everyday life, even when living abroad. It's a true pleasure and a true source of inspiration that we all are so different, but yet like each other so much.
Thank you dear sister Lissie, Johanna, Becca, Frida, Johanna and Corinne.


  1. Uta answering. Yes Stina you are lucky to have such women's friends like this, here it' s seldom because to much jealousy or difference of way of life. Every one is leaving more or less for themselves and too watc so many pretty and interesting chats between you it's make me think that life is not so purrished as it looks! May be in Sweden friendship is more important we can feel looking at each of your pictures with different friends. In France or in Geneva particularly people live only for themselves not sharing like you do. It was like this before the crisis and difference of way of living between friends. If people have not the same quality of life it's difficult to stay so close. I know that this is difficult to hear but there are 2 words nowadays and if the level of life is too much different we cannot leave friends we had because automatically we cannot speak of all! To spare their dignity. So it's very nice that you swimm into the same way of life with your friends wihout any envy from each others. Sometimes it arrived when olding and some of them cannot follow our quality of life and unfortunately we loose them. Itis happened to me unfortunately. So enjoy full time of everyone. ... Big hug . UTA

  2. It looks a fantastic evening as usual with your dear friends. Lissie, Johanna always so pretty....
    I love the girl's evenings in which we make back the world like when students.....
    XXXXXXXXX more for Christmas

  3. Sorry for the two comments, it comes differently following when writing (the 1st one sent evening but it has not appeared on my to have been sent) So I repeated )on the computer this morning but shorter and now I see both of them. Sorry. I'll write in one way from now. XX