Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Precious moments

A couple of days ago, early in the morning. Alexis discovers the sparkling Christmas tree we decorated the night before. Adorable.


  1. vilket sött ruffs i nacken :)

  2. How ADORABLEEEE! You can see from the back of his head that he must be smiling wide-open-mouth happy! hahaha


  3. Su cute... I like the simple decoration like this on a table. But very Christmas at the same time.
    Happy Alexis and you Stina.

  4. I agree with Cecilia -- I can see his smile and excitement, even from the back of his head!

  5. Oh, så gulligt. Kan riktigt tänka mig att hans ögon lyste. MVH Laila

  6. Such an adorable little boy. I'm dealing with a one month old baby right now and the breastfeeding and sleepless night craziness. It brings hope to see how much more normal life becomes later. Happy Holidays!!!!

    1. It's tougher in the beginning with the sleep, but normally the days are easier. I find that when they're in Alexis age (1.5 month) it's easier in the nights because normally they sleep well, but they days! Phuuu.... 40 min of sleep and that's it and they are everywhere and need stimulation and attention ALL the time. I love it, but sometimes it drives you nuts, Good luck!