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2012 - in pictures

We started the year of 2012 with a somewhat crazy trip to beautiful Morocco. I've already been there two times before in my life and it's one of those places I truly love for its beauty, history and architecture. It's hard to not get too much inspiration and always when going there, I'd like to redecorate my whole house into the Moroccan style.
We went to see a dear friend of my man who lives in Morocco and with him we did a 150 scandinavian miles long trip around the whole country by car. And yes, with little Alexis. The long drive took us to Marakesh, Rabat, Casablanca and to the stunning Atlas mountain. I have to say, I wasn't really prepared for this kind of trip, I thought we would go to maybe one or two cities and then stay there, but our dear host had other much greater plans. He wanted to show the "true" Morocco, not visible for tourists. And so he did. This was a trip I wouldn't really recommend with a 6 month old baby, but boy was it and adventure to go on these bumpy mountain roads and see the real Morocco.
This is our friend's summer house, next to the Atlantic ocean where we spent the New Years eve. It's was freezing cold and my New Years dress was changed for warmer jeans and double wool sweaters.
We went on forest tracks and found these wild monkeys's with small babies. Adorable for sure. I wanted to bring one home as a sibling to Alexis.
I also celebrated my 32nd birthday in January and I just can't believe I'm turning 33 years old the 22nd this month. Where does time fly? I remember my mother who got my sister Lissie when she was 35 years old (and I was 10 years old) and i thought 35 years was sooo old. Now I'm only two years from that age and I feel young but still not.
In February, there was an interview with me as the Fashion Editor for the online magazine Fine Decor and this picture is from the photoshoot we did. Some of my dear Chanel bags and other precious items.
In March, our son just keept on growing, learning how to sit and make himself heard but yet, he wouldn't start crawling until the day he turned one year old which was also the day he started walking. Poof, just like that.
In March again, we also went to Zürich and enjoyed that cosiness we had in our second apartment there which is more like a little chalet with a fireplace and lot's of wood in those high ceilings. Whenever we put Alexis to bed we enjoyed some wine and nice food, looking over the lake. It was so cold here last year, hope we'll not hit that sort of temperatures this year.
We also went for party and fiesta in Gstaad and had a blast in one of the biggest chalets I'v ever seen. We saw the whole horizon of the mindblowing mountains and all over there was snow, snow and snow.

In April, my family came down to Geneva to M's parents and celebrated the Easter there. But we had such a bad luck with the rain and every day was cursed with grey clouds and humid winds. Not very nice. But we had a very pleasant time nevertheless. We also had a chance to take them to Chamonix which is quite close to Geneva.
And so in May, the summer arrived to Zürich and I packed my bags from Stockholm and spent most time here this summer. I begun to really get to know the city and Alexis was finelly starting to sleep better during the nights which gave me plenty of positive feelings. I also decides to start with my morning walks again which I had not done for almost one and a half year. It was such a amazing feeling to get the energy I got from that regular setup and it was also a perfect way to get to know the area by foot.
We went to the Hermés exhibition and was amazed being able to view the products being made in front of our eyes.
In June, all Alexis wanted to do was walk, walk and walk. He couldn't do it by himself yet and needed someone to help him with the balance.
This month we also drove down to the micro climate Lugano. It's an amazing place and really needs a visit. Who knew you could find palm trees in Switzerland. Well, close to the italian boarder you can.
From Lugano we drove further down to Italy and Como. My, my ... Como is so magical it's hard to describe for someone who haven't been to this sort of tropical hideaway. We stayed at a lovely hotel, just by the Como Lake and tried to enjoy the evenings as well as possible with a sleeping Alexis next to us.
We ate and ate on that trip. Being in Italy it's hard not to indulge yourself with all that heavenly food and with inspiring environments, even harder.
Wearing my favourite Greta dress with shorter sleeves and my new bought Valentino bag with Valentino studded heels. A very vacationeer look with the hair all natural. (The bag is for sale by the way in Stina's Vintage Store.)
The same Valentino bag with the new bought, easy dress from Escada with gold knitting, very riviera and we explored the village. Not very convenient with a stroller though, I wouldn't really recommend it to someone with children actually because there is so many stairs up and down and it's clearly not made for babies.
After staying a while in Como, we drove for about six hours to Venice! Arriving by the boarder, we took the ferry over from the main land. This was the first time for me being there and it felt like an italian archipelago for sure. I loved it though it was far too many tourist for my taste, but our stunning hotel was on a seperate island (Lido) next to Venice and there you could find this exquisite italian, laid back feeling with small cafeterias and cute places. We took the hotels' boat to Venice whenever we wanted to shop or just stroll around. It's such an remarkable place and it's extremely romantic. Not suitable for a stroller either, but we had a babysitter when needed.
Our magnificent hotel! Loved it! Typical of this old time luxury which I really treasure. Here you see the "harbour" where you arrive, but on the other side is a private beach and a mind blowing view.
The boat that took us back to Venice ... Among others, to this place I wrote about HERE.
... where it is was too complicated to get a table at lunch time so a tasty pizza was our lunch.
One of the days came the true evening for our stay. This wonderful gala evening, I will never forget. Thank you C & N again for sharing it with us!
After staying in Lido/Venice for a while we drove down to our friends in Monaco to say hello. One night we stayed on a hotel, the highest one up the mountains surrounding Monaco (the picture I took from there) and looking over this playground of crazy yachts. We went to the biggest and most stylish of them ... It's incredible how enormous they are and stylish as a top noch hotel inside. This is by far the best one i've ever stayed at. We slept like God's and eat like royalties before we needed to leave for one of my favourite places ...
... M's parents big summer house in South of France. But not the Riviera South of France. The real South of France - where everything is run slowly, where you pick up your baguette in the morning and enjoy the wines from the local wine distillery. Where the wine yards never ends and the piece and quite is as present as ever. All you need to think about is a visit to the market for fresh fruit and vegetables and to the butcher for the meat. I mean, it's heaven. And being pampered with M's mothers food who cooks as good as my own mother. Dream come true. The house is so lovely and the garden a cocktail for the soul. I love being there. So we spent quite some time there and also had my family coming down and enjoy time with us. So thankful our both families get along so well!
And we were greated with this typical melon which we always eat there. I love you summer!
After this long vacation of driving around to different places I went back home to Stockholm for some time in the Swedish archipelago and in the city.
In Stockholm I also gave my new born God daughter kisses and hugs. Dear little Oliva, I love you so much already. She is incredible adorable and such a sweet heart and the mother is one of my absolute best friends! I also visited all my friends and tried to love the Swedish summer, though I longed back to the more southern parts of Europe.
After a while it was back to Switzerland for another wonderful evening in France!
Then back to Stockholm in August, preparing for a big move with a lot of my stuff to Zürich. But I stayed almost two month in Stockholm and in the meantime we had a dear friend of M over from Geneva for a weekend.
Smörgåsbord på Grand Hotel was a must.
Then it was time for M to take care of Alexis by himself for two nights when Corinne and me drove down to lovely Minna for a stay in her home town Halmstad!
Time for dinner!
A typical Swedish breakfast. Bread, hard cheese, fruit, juice,"inlagd gurka", egg, caviar, coffee ... the best in the world if you ask me! I do love croissants, but the Swedish traditional breakfast is by far the best anyhow. With pleasure served with scrambled egg a la Stina for perfection!
Also at home I attended Fashion Week and ended up on the cover of one of the biggest news papers. Fun! I was wearing my new MaxMara coat, all made in cashmere and from one piece of fabric which made it a limited edition, edition.
We also attended one of the most luxurious birthday parties ever at Mirabelle. Alexis eat so much sweets we actually found him in a corner, hiding away from us all the other kids playing, with a bunch of cookies, macarones, cocholate etc, etc. Did I mention he is milk protein allergic ... Hm ... Not easy all the time.
And so we went back to Switzerland finely and drove down to Geneva for some lovely evenings.
We also visited friends there and just relaxed.
July and half of August were spent in Switzerland, bathing in the lake, having dinners, meeting new friends and just taking it easy and of course - celebrating the most beautiful boy's 1 year old birthday!
In September, I cut my hair 15cm. Such a liberated feeling! I feel best in shorter hair that's just it. For me, it's so much more feminine and chic! September this year was a big celebration. Dad turned 60 years old! As hard it is to believe, because he is still young, vital and handsome, he took us all to the clear blue coast of Algarve in Portugal and had us all staying in suites for absolute comfort. We had such a nice time and the beaches were beyond.
Happy Birtday dear father of mine!
Alexis really grew so much during this stay and his blue eyes were bluer then ever with all glittering colours of the nature. We went to nice restaurants and spent the days just enjoying the sand and the water. Such a good way of starting the autumn.
There is no better feeling in this world, then his little hand holding mine ... My God doughter grew older.
In October it was still beautiful and mild temperatures. They actually held on until beginning of December here in Zürich, but in November i still took my walks in a thinn sweater and tights without freezing.
In November, I fell in love with capes. It's just like coats; easy, simple and yet so chic and comfortable.
Having a pick nick with M and Alexis. Mc Donalds had to do. It's a weakness of mine.
I also discovered how great the markets are here. Every Tuesday and Friday, in the morning the farmers etc go to the city and have a wonderful bouquet of cheese, flowers, vegetables, fruit and jams. The prices in Zürich is generally ridiculously high, and buying fresh flowers like i do at least one time per week will cost a fortune. Almost to the extend that I rather not because it's out of price totally. So the market is perfect and you get flowers for the same price we get them in a flower store in Stockholm. I normally leave the market with a bunch of South African roses, lilies and other more seasonal based flowers. The cheese and the fruit is unfortunately also too expensive and it get's on my nerves and therefor I wont support them. A market is suppose to be cheaper and fresher then the stores, but paying approximately 25 Euro for a Buffalo Mozarella, no thank you.
Walking the streets alone without Alexis for once.
A normal day as mothers. This time spent with Louise and here daughter Celine.
We still haven't found the perfect chairs for our dinner room and dinner table. So we can only host smaller dinners, eating inside our kitchen at the moment. But it's rather cosy, even though a proper dinner table is to prefer.
And so the Christmas came to Zürich in December and all the lights and decorations came out and made the streets filled with excitement and warm feelings.
In December, I also had one of my best friends Andreas and his boyfriends visiting us and stayed at our place for a couple of days. God, we had so much fun I was tired a week after their stay!
I collected most people I know here and threw a Christmas dinner/party at Terrasse in Zürich. Very, very nice.

The last part of December was just published at the blog itself so I didn't feel a need to sum it up again. But this was small parts of the year.
1. The best with this year was - All the trips and being home with Alexis and taking part of every little step of his development.
2. The worst with this year was - Being very much parents. The small toddler years clearly has an impact on the relationship for everyone, finding the balance is tricky but we're getting there.
3. The most developing with this year was - Moving parts of my home to another city, learning how to get new friends in a new city and get a every day life there though a different language etc. This is also what I know now, reflecting back, was hardest. The cultural differences may not seem big, but they are and it takes time to adapt and find yourself again in a new city where you don't have anything.


  1. Wonderful post, my mum was 45 when she had me I was a 'mistake' she was miserable at first but loves me now! Phew a blonde in Morocco, that must have been a challenge. You have a wonderful life and a beautiful family.

    1. Thank you Tahbita, mother at that age, bravo to her!!!

  2. Puss sötnos, pappa

  3. impressive post. really loved it.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! for sharing these beautiful memories which are echoing with so much love. I always, always wish you and your lovely family of 3 and 6 and... and.. all the best!

  5. Tack för en underbar bildkavalkad! Jag blir varmglad och "drömma-mig-bort" från vardagen känsla.

    Kramar kommer här!


  6. Helt fantastiskt inlägg, så vackra och fina foton! Och vilka välskrivna texter, gillar skarpt. Tack för att du delar med dig. Vilka äventyr du upplevt under året, verkligen starkt gjort av er lilla familj att dels resa så mycket och samtidigt ge Alexis så fin start. All respekt att ni tog med honom och reste så mkt med bil i M där i början av året. Fastnade lite på dina foton från bröllopet i somras, superfin gul klädsel med det stora halsbandet! Du har gjort det sååå bra, och gör, som flyttat och gör allt för tt det ska bli så bra det bara kan! Hoppas att du snart känner dig piggare! Många kramar från Åsa

    1. Thank you so much Åsa, it's not always easy, I can tell you that I i have my low moments, especially when the weather is grey and horrible. But I do try to make the best of what I have and I will strive for that for the rest of my life, even though it feels so much harder sometimes.

      Best, stina

  7. Such a fantastic year! Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life. I live another kind but I recognize my self in your passion and optimistic view of live. Fantastic Stina!

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words and for reading!

  8. Wow, how wonderful it was to read about your year! Your life is truly inspirational in many ways, and your son is just adorable. I laughed when I saw his picture where he is wrapped in a towel!

  9. I know only too well the delights of being a new mum in a new location. It's all good fun! Make the most of every second, they grow up too quickly. Enjoying the photos and glimpses of life from another perspective.

  10. Vilket underbart fin sammanfattning av ett händelserikt år.

  11. Dear Stina, first of all - great pictures, adorable feeling for style and beauty. i have one question to you. In a lot of those pictures you are wearing a wonderful black pair of sunglasses, i think it must be Prada. For example the picture with the bride. Could you maybe tell me the name of the sunglasses, the model, number etc. ? Would be wonderful.
    Love, Sophia

    1. Hi! Thank you for this comment, yes they are Prada but I don't have them here at the moment so I'll try to remember when I have them close so I can check!

    2. would be lovely, thanks.

  12. simply: WOW! You can be so proud of your adorable son, of your life and most of all, of yourself. You inspire me and I wish you and your family all the best for 2013!

    1. So kind of you to say. This is the best part, I have lower moments also and a more normal life like every one else also. But I try to stay positive and try to see the best of what there is!

  13. Thanks for sharing with us

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  14. Fantastic summary of your very busy life! How can you have so thin hips and flat stomach after a baby?? Did you diet a lot? Big hugd

    1. Thank you! No, absolutely no diet. I eat, about 5-6 times per day but started to take morning walks for about 25 minutes every morning in May and that, plus a lively toddler, made me loose it very easily.

  15. P.s. Yes you are a woman who inspire all other women so natural a and posh at same time.

    1. Thank you very much, that's exactly what I'm aiming for. Natural but stylish.

  16. Thank you for sharing this!

  17. agirlinglyfada.blogspot.comJanuary 21, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    Very beautiful pictures.... Thanks for sharing, Stina.

  18. UNDERBAR post:) Det känns nästan som att resa med i dina bilder. Hoppas du och din vackra familj får ett underbart nytt år med nya bilder att fylla nästa års fotoalbum med.

    LOVE Maria från inredningsvis