Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blindekuh - Dinner in the darkness

My man took me out for dinner yesterday to celebrate my birthday, but I was not to know what place he planned before we arrived. Perhaps it was for the better in the end. I'm not sure I would have approved of his choice if I knew it from the start.
I tried to dress up even though my state of mind and body was not the best. We arrived to this old building, almost like a church or some other religious monument and got to the reception where there's a receptionist explaining the whole concept of the restaurant. It's a gourmet restaurant BUT all in the darkness, served and hosted by blind people. And with total darkness I mean, black, noir, negro ... to the extend where you couldn't even see your own fingers in front of you, no matter how hard you tried.
At first I felt, noooo ... what, why? How fun is it to sit in the middle of people which you wont see, eat food you won't appreciate with your eyes and why the %€#&  had i dressed up and wore 14cm heels if there was no purpose to it. (The last couple of weeks have taken the best of my positive spirit and yes, I was somewhat in a grumpy mood). I was a little disappointed of the choice of restaurant I have to say. When we got in to the salon, I got all dissy, the darkness put the balance totally out of system and to find our way we had to hold the blind woman's shoulder as a little train in order to know where we were heading. So we was seated and started to talk.
She explained where the glass was standing, where the wine and water was and tried to make us comfortable. I was so annoyed at the beginning and my eyes tried to see the smallest little something but without result which left the brain frustrated. We started talking but it felt so strange and bizarre talking out into the darkness when we had no idea who sat next to us or in the rest of the restaurant.
By the time I got my entree, a delicious cream potato soup with smokey bacon and I handle that one with bravur, finding the spoon and getting the soup from the plate to my mouth without loosing it in my lap - i felt happier and my eyes had actually come to sense with the dark setup and I felt relaxed. All the other senses in our body kicked it and suddenly I heard better and the flavours seemed so much more fascinating when I couldn't see what I was eating, but rather had to explore it all inside my mouth.
The main course was harder. A big plate (i think) with a perfectly made lamb, roasted potato with beet roots and walnut cream sauce. I had to dance with my fingers over the dish when it arrived to have some sort of idea where on the plate the things were located. But cutting a lamb in the dark and getting it up on a fork and into my mouth was harder then ever. Trying to get small pieces of sauce and beet roots seemed like impossible at start. But we managed and the food was so wonderful, the fight felt okay in the end. It was actually rather fun and got us laughing a lot during the meal.
The desert came in five small teasers, and it was so interesting to feel and explore all the different flavours without using my eyes.
The blind workers were as excellent as on a top restaurant and to get their attention, you just called out their name. It was truly an experience and I can't wait to get back there with a larger amount of friends. That must be quite something.
Thank you baby for sharing me up and always taking me to something special.

Click HERE to get to the restaurant, this is a idea who is spread all around the world and it's truly something you have to explore. It's such a great way for people with disabilities to be appreciated and show how excellent they manage something that for us, feels impossible. The restaurant have 30 blind employees and they all take great pride of their job and showing us how life in total darkness can be.

(cashmere wrap top with lace: Ralph Lauren black label, skirt: H&M, heels: Christian Louboutin & bag: Chanel)


  1. I've heard about this but yes I really do 'eat with my eyes' I'm not sure how I would find this either.

  2. Goodness ! Sounds like a birthday dinner to remember. And you wore a white skirt - very risky when eating in the dark. I would have ended up in a mess ! Belated happy birthday wishes.

  3. ooh my god i so recognize myself. my boyfriend took me to Dans le Noir in London. The food was amazing but i didnt enjoy the dark...i even took my mobile with me so that i could 'peak' a little. they did have a nice semi lit bar which was super cozy...

  4. I heard about it in Stockholm but I never went. Have to go!
    U look stunning as alwyas, glad that you had an exciting evening in the end!!

  5. Happy belated birthday Stina. All the best and many many more..! Here is an amazing song Jamie Woon - Night Air

  6. Vilken grej Stina! Låter helt galet, men kul,och helt klart annorlunda.
    Kramar från Angela som är makalöst trött på snö och kyla.Vad har ni för väder?

  7. Such a novel and exhilarating experience will make you birthday unforgettable!
    Makes one truly appreciate sight, sound, touch and taste.

  8. Blinde Kuh ;)

    Did this in Vienna, too. An "eye-opening" experiment!


  9. Vad läckert....pappa

  10. Happy birthday!
    I also got once vouchers for such a restaurant, it was a Brunch to be exact. None of us liked it as we didn't decide it for ourselves and were not that ready for it. Also the room was more than noisy as noone could control his voice and always had to shout the name of someone you want to talk to. So my tips: make the decision conciously and reserve the restaurant or room only for your friends or family and enjoy this extraordinary experience!
    The waiters were indeed great and admireable!

    XO Baya

  11. Reading this... I have this song in my head now: I follow you... dark room baby... I follow you.

    Great Post!

  12. What a great experience you had! And congrats if there is a little one on the way...

  13. It's always challenging to step outside once comfort zone and embrace a different way of living - especially on your birthday and particularly when it means you suddenly have to give up one of your senses! I think it was a fantastic way of your husband to briefly swipe you away from your everyday life, maybe particularly now when it seams like you are going though a difficult time. Maybe he unintentionally opened your mind and soul and help you let go of your own hardship, at least for a few hours. Happy birthday!

  14. Yes this las comment sounds extremely intelligent and well analysed. Exactly what i think. Bravo M, delicate attention for Stina. Even on my side I would not like but it's an interesting experience

  15. Jag och min sambo har provat på det här i Berlin. Det är en intressant upplevelse på många sätt. Det var läskigt, det var lärorikt, det var konstigt och det gav mig huvudvärk. Helt klart värt att testa på tycker jag!

  16. You will definitely remember your birthday when celebrated at a restaurant like that. Have to say M. has got an idea of making your life interesting! Sending you late birthday wishes and all the best for years to come! You are such un inspiration to many of us. /Sophia

  17. Det har jag aldrig hört talas om men lär finnas i Stockholm också. Men det låter mycket intressant på flera områden, gästernas upplevelser som du berättar jättebra och om de som arbetar där.
    I Thailand kan jag störa mig mycket på att vuxna tycker det är så underbart att bli masserade av blinda, i de flesta fall barn, det är beklämmande och de intalar sig att de gör en välgärning, de barnen borde vara någon annanstans, i skolan t ex och få mat och växa som människor.
    Det här låter mer som man lyft upp människorna som kan arbeta i totalmörker och så får gästen en liten förståelse för det också. Fast samtidigt förundras man hur de kan göra så mycket utan att se.

  18. Yes may be you are pregnant dear stina. Beautiful bitrhday in this very unusual place.