Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

This is the last week of this stay in Stockholm and I've loved it, but also feel excited to go back to Zürich and continue our life there. I'm tired after New Year and all the cooking, but will try to enjoy these last days more then ever. Talk soon!

(a lazy Sunday outfit - fur: Mink, M's cashmere sweater in purple: Ralph Lauren and bag: Chanel)


  1. Ha ett fint år Stina, ett spännnade år och ett lärorikt.
    Du är en inspirationskälla!
    Med varm hälsning från Christina

  2. Gott nytt år, allra finaste Stina !!
    Hoppas du får ett fantastisk år med massa nya möjligheter och lycka !!

  3. Happy New Year dear Stina.
    Yes the end of last year was tiring I dont know exactly why ? General situation? etc.... Anyway I will continue to read you with a huge pleasure.

  4. Gott Nytt År!!! Jätte fin bild på vacker kvinna:)!!!
    Älskar din hårfärg!!! Snälla skriv vad använder du, vilken färg ( märke, nr)?

  5. Is it a new little Chanel's bag ? I dont recognize it. I just bought the same for going to vacation, this size very practical following where we go. I know that it's a classical but they changed a little bit the sign on le lock (smaller). XX

  6. great picture of you ! happy new year 2013 ! xx

  7. Hi Stina. I love your blog!! I was waiting for a quilted caviar WOC, but my salesassociate called to let me know that she just got a lambskin one. Would you recommend a lambskin WOC? Would love to get your suggestions.