Monday, January 28, 2013

Sprüngli sweetness

As I told you, my family and little sister has been visiting us for some time now. Sadly they went home yesterday and I already miss them. Alexis and me, as well as our nanny (unfortunately), is caught in a bad cold with fever after they've gone, but we have Baby Einstein (pedagogical baby tv) for times like this and it gives me plenty of time in bed which is a great opportunity to show some of the pictures from this wonderful stay.
A long lunch at Sprüngli (located at Paradeplatz, five minutes walk from our apartment, very convenient ...) most be considered a must when coming to Zürich. For all of you fond of Ladureé and their excellent setup, I just say: Welcome to the swiss version of it.
We had a nice lunch and of course, ended with a buffet of their best bakery's, which include my absolute favourite; the croissant with apricots in it. I could eat one every day, that's how wonderful they are. Every little delicacy is made from heaven and the aesthetic perfection of them is just so thrilling. I love coming here and be pampered by the best of rendezvous and food served with silver hard wear with every little detail thought through. Old, young, mothers, lovers ... we all meet here for a dynamic and lovely lunch, coffee, break or just to enjoy some sweetness of life.
Make sure you give it a visit if you're planning to come to the city.


  1. Looks wounderful!

    I am going to Venice in the summer and wanted to as you (and your lovely readers!) about the things that we must do. It will be a short stop for two days and I would love to get some suggestions for dining, having coffe, staying and seeing.

    Whish you and all the readers a lovely week!

  2. looks really really yummy :) want it - now!

  3. Sprüngli is the best! But if you are ever in Vienna you must give Demel or Diglas a try.


  4. Yummy yummy. Måste bara säga, å så bra din mamma passar i orange. Super snygg!
    Kram och krya på er massor!

  5. Your mother is so beautiful and she is glowing with inner beauty. God bless her!

  6. Why do you need a nanny?

  7. It all looks so delicious. I am looking forward for visiting this beautiful city this year. Definitely I will try Sprüngli.


  8. I think 'Einstein tv'...etc. is something for less educated parents and their poor children...

  9. Anonymous 1 & 2: Why comment just to spred negativity

  10. your toddler looks like a perfect little gentleman ;)
    and oh, how I wish I could have one apricot croissant!!