Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dolder Grand

On Sunday it was in some way this quite boring sort of weather and we decided to meet up with our lovely friends Louise, her husband and Alexis' girlfriend Celine (with the most magical eyes) at the mysterious Dolder Grand. 
It's such a perfect destination, taking our cars up to this fairytale castle/(hotel) with a perfect view over the Zürich lake and all the villages and cities around. It has this Scandinavian way of decorating with minimalism when you consider the rooms, and interior wise in the hotel's main areas, is this interesting combination of the French and Arab luxury. The hotel is also filled with contemporary art which you either like or not. I find it absolutely entertaining and appreciate the somewhat crazy mix of everything creative.
I would say it's a wonderful opportunity for a visitor of Zürich to have the best of both nature, view and comfort staying there for a couple of nights. They also have a spa which is of extreme perfection and a more laid back tea room and a more proper area for dinner in the Fine dining part or a Sunday lunch like we had in the more easy restaurant.
When we sat there, with the skyline of the mountain hiding in the horizon, the clouds just opened up and the sun started to get through. It was truly a beautiful moment.


  1. O, Goodness :D Celine DO have magical eyes.. and so does Alexis :)

  2. Oh those eyes are incredibly stunning, I have never seen anything so beautiful.