Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meet Andreas

Oh what a lovely day yesterday was. Stockholm woke me up at 6.30, before Alexis, with the brightest of sunshine and a clear blue sky. My parents and Lissie are still enjoying London, and like usual, i tend to stay in their home when coming back here. It's just something, being in the house your parents live in, everything feels comfy, safe and nice. Especially when they've filled the fridge with things I love and they have my favourite Marabou "Schweizernöt" chocolate on the table for me. Small, but particularly perfect things to get one in the right mood.

I walked around in the city during daytime and bought some things I wanted to get and thereafter meet up with this good looking man. Another of my best friends that belongs to my inner circle. His name is Andreas and yes, he's a former model but have worked in a lot of fascinating areas after that. Or what about being a specialist in medical skin care for example, working inside the business with jewels and gemstones, breast implants and a lot more quite special subjects. Now he's studying at a prestigious private school and I can't wait to see what his driven and smart personality will take on next.
When not in Stockholm, you'll find him living a somewhat crazy, traveling life full of social networking, parties and nice dinners. Andreas is the most excellent person I know in interacting with exactly who ever and he has a skill to connect with people, no matter of age, cultural background, social level, gender and always in a warm, inspiring and lovely way. He is just a master in behaviour and everyone loves him. Everyone.
He's a bit plastering in his month, a little sarcastic, but always with a glimpse and a smile. I think most girls fall in love with him and a lot of men wants to be him. I think M would be quite nervous if it wouldn't be the fact that women doesn't interest him in that way, if you get what i mean.
We meet many years back, when we were both a little bit too blond and probably connected because of our greater need in life to have something more, develop wider then others, our spiritual alikeness and the fact that we both can be superficial and like most things coming with it, and still it's not by far what drives us or what makes us strive in the end.
Despite from his fun character, his laughter and the way he's a surviver, I love him like a brother and we've been doing so many wonderful memories together and I look forward to spend my future with him very present. The way he interacts with children is just showing his true spirit and there is many reasons he's already a God father of two and why Alexis loves him. The stylish dog next to him is Rupert, a partner in crime he rescued from a dog centre. Well, let's stop bragging about this young man, but it's very easy to do so when it comes to my beloved Andreas, (who was actually the first one visiting me in Zürich ...)


  1. Oh Stina, you are so lucky to have such friends... I am envying you... And it's true that he is handsome. It makes a lot of qualities. XX

  2. Vad underbart med en sådan vän :) . Och vad härligt att du har det bra i Stockholm. Håller med Schweizwernöt är verkligen en favorit. Kram Linda

  3. Hur mår magen och du vännen ??
    Din vän är verkligen så himla trevlig, fick ju träffa honom genom dig på mässan ;)
    Du har en underbar vän, och det märktes att han även bryr sig om dig lika mycket som du gör om honom !
    KRAM Sanna

  4. Cute!!! :) All three of them :) Take care! Eka

  5. Stina,

    I am truly blessed to have you as a friend. I love you with all of my heart.


  6. Whaou!! What a kind declaration Andrea...

  7. Stina och Andreas :-))
    Är en av de lyckligt lottade som faktiskt fått lära känna er. Fantastiska minnen från några härliga år då vi var kollegor och vänner. Hoppas att allt är bra med er båda.
    Kramar, Katarina.

  8. Stina, a little bit more about you!!!! Where is that belly? How do you feel this time around? How's daily life? What does Alexis think/say?

    1. Yes, please!

  9. First of all - Congratulations on your pregnancy! Fantastic news!

    Request / suggestion for a blog entry: Stina's pregnancy tips! Since it's the 2nd time around I am sure you have lots of wisdom to share with us all (I'm pregnant with no.1 - due ANY DAY!) whether it's clothes, creams, food, baby stuff etc etc. I would love to hear your tips!

    Just to say: Even when I wasn't pregnant I loved your posts about being pregnant with Alexis - Its so fascinating.

    Ha det sa kul i Stockholm
    x Maya