Saturday, February 2, 2013

Meet Cecilia

Thank you everyone for sharing your own experiences with what I wrote yesterday when life is just a little bit too much. I'm going to take time this weekend and suck in every little word of your comments and enjoy all the life stories you've chosen to share here. This is exactly what I love with having this blog, the source of everything possible, if I only ask for it and open up myself and share.
Look how much valuable information we all got from each other! I know that the silence part of this blog, the quite readers who never leave a comment etc, is 90 percent more then you, wonderful people who actually are willing to be open and loud - but no matter how you chose to communicate or not communicate yourself, this is of great value for many of us and other mothers/women in the same situation out there. We can all learn and find inspiration from each other and that is a treasure!

... which leaves me to todays topic.
Once in a while I share with you some of my dear, dear friends. This one almost goes as my sister and she is a part of my closest circle just like a few others. We talk everyday on the phone or on What's up and have been doing so the last couple of 15 years. There's nothing we don't know about one and another and we've been around each others life in all sorts of roller coasters there is. I keep her presence so dearly and many times I wonder what I would do without her smart advice and warm consideration.
She has always been into fashion and interior but it's in interior decoration and visual merchandising she have bloomed and now have a great career which many can envy. She came there by hard studies in one of the most prestigious schools and by working hard throughout many years and collecting necessary contacts and life experiences. I would actually say her company wouldn't be so successful now without all of that hard struggle in the past. From the hardest fights comes the juiciest fruits. Right!

Cissi is also a mother of two, a daughter soon five years old and a little son, just four month older then Alexis and we call him Alfie. As you can see from the picture, he is a "looker" and I swear he's going to be impeccable handsome. A concurrent for Alexis for sure ...
She is married since ... God, who's counting, but she's been together with the same man more then ten years! Now she's searching for the perfect house (with a guest room for me!).
As a person she is clever, smart, a "do-er", an never ending entrepreneur, warm, funny but also has that deep and analytic side which cought us together many years back when we both where working in NK (luxury Swedish department store) selling shoes. A very cute curiosa wouldn't you say? That place was made for deeper discussions about life and though we sold a lot of Sergio Rossi, Bruno Maggli etc, we cared more for the talking and the coffee breaks where our friendship started out.

I am sincerely grateful for 1998 (or was it 1999) when that department store got us together and my life wouldn't be the same without her. Thank you my dear bigger sister for always catching me, always understanding me and always dare to speak out. Love you!


  1. Jag bryr mig inte så mycket om stavfel men meningen "a doughtier soon five" - "doughtier" är en böjning av ordet doughty som betyder morsk. Och jag antar att det inte var riktigt det du menade?

    Daughter kanske? :)

    I övrigt, keep up the good work!

  2. This is adorable! My sister and I see yet to get to that stage. We bicker and argue since we're both still young. But I can see that as we mature, so does our relationship which I live.
    Thank you for opening your heart out to us. Much appreciated


  3. Oh Stina, how do am I "envieuse" of this marvellous friend's/sister's story....
    I have nobody so close to me... With years friendships have disapeared little by little for many reasons but more of the reasons are their own life who is also sometimes difficult and they have not more any patience or kindless when I have some problems, or may be they are becoming very selfish with the age I dont understand still now ! For my part, I always been there for them. Anyway this not the subject but sometimes the way of life with more travels, etc can embarassed them I think or I dont understand world.... We all evoluate differently. Happily you have your family and such good friends. And of course now your son an M. XXX

  4. Väldigt fint skrivet om din vän. Vilken lycka du måste känna som har så många nära kloka vänner! Sådana ska man vara rädd om. Så fantastiskt att få läsa om framför allt dina tankar i föregående inlägg, tala om att allt var perfekt skrivet. Fantastiskt att du låter oss ta del och att vi får ta del av varandras tankar och upplevelser. Precis som du skriver så är det värdefullt och ngt som alla på ngt sätt känner igen sig i. Fortsätt gärna med inlägg om dina nära och kära, så kul att läsa och vad de ska känna sig glada åt dina ord! Undrar förresten om din syster ffde bloggar?
    Hoppas du mår bättre och att ni har skön helg!

  5. Jeg siterer - Dante Alighieri (italienske poet):

    "Vårt liv kan ikke være fullkomment
    uten venner".

    Det tror jeg stemmer :)