Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pumpkin soup

For lunch now at wintertimes, there's nothing like a easy made, well tasted soup if you ask me. But it needs to be full and thick for me to like it, else I will get hungry directly again which is no use.
This one comes from M's family and it practically make itself after some cutting. I usually eat it with some nice bread and butter or a home made pizza slize to be more of a proper meal. It also works excellent as a starter during colder periods.

RECIPE of M's family's pumpkin soup
4 persons

- Half a side of a pumpkin
- 3 potatoes
- 2 medium size onions
- 3 dl of half fat cream
- Vegetable or chicken broth
- Black pepper
- Creme fraiche
- Muscat nut

So, start with chopping the onion in small pieces and fry them gently in a large, oily pan until they get all soft. Then cut out all the meat from the pumpkin in 2cm*2cm cubes and add them all into the frying pan on medium strength.
Peel the potatoes and cut them in the same size and add into the same pan and add one cube of broth. Put a lid over and let it fry on a medium level until the pumpkin and the potato is all soft and mushy. Sometimes you need to add 1dl water after ten minutes, it all depends on how much water the pumpkin carries. It will take about 25 minutes under the lid and just make sure to stir it around a couple of times but be gently with the condensation inside the pan so it wont slip out to much, that is necessary for the soup.
When you find the consistency soft and the potato and pumpkin have blended in together it's starting to get ready. But make sure it has enough liquid? Else, add 1dl water or a little bit more if necessary. Let it cook a couple of more minutes under the lid, add some pepper and then take it away from the stow. Use a hand mixer and mix it all together so it becomes a smooth consistence, but don't mind if there's some bits and pieces here and there. I personally like that.
After the mixing, add some cream little by little to make sure you have an thick but not too thick soup. Grate some dry muscat nut inside the soup and then taste it. Do you need more pepper, some more broth, more muscat? If it's perfect, then just serve it and put a generous spoon of creme fraiche on top and grate some more muscat, or even better ... take the pumpkin seeds, roast them in the oven for a couple of minutes and sprinkle on top with it all! Nom, nom ...


  1. Hum I make it the same way (without onions, as I told aleady, I did not digest them) I put 2 vegetable "bouillons" in replacement. XXX

  2. The soup looks delicious, I'll definitely try it.

    Stina, could you please recommend a good restaurant in Stockholm? Something for a dinner with frends, both cosy and luxurious, a place with spirit...I would be really grateful!

    P.S. Congratulations to your growing belly! :-)

    1. Oh there's so many! But these are some of my favourites for a dynamic dinner with friends. Make sure to book in advance if you don't have any contacts!

      - Teatergrillen
      - Lydmars
      - Grill
      - Miss Voon
      - Mattias Dahlgren
      - Sturehof


  3. Looks delicious! Will try it next week for sure. BR, katrin

  4. hi Stina, your soup looks delicious :)
    I have a question related to your pregnancy...will you give birth in Switzerland or Sweden? Where do you want your kids go to school later? I am from Norway and moved to Geneva last year for the same reson you moved to Zürich <3 and very unsure about the family planning...

    1. Hi, i mobed to CH 5 yrs agonand gabe birth to my first child just last summer here in Bern. Iwas really really statisfied! The staff was so friendly and helpful. Just amazing.
      I decided to have a sectio (which i never regret) and everything went well.

    2. There were a nurse for 2 patients. That are very good conditions however I just can compare to Germany.
      All the best for you