Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Florence - restaurant's with a view

During our visit to Florence, as I've mentioned, i published some photos on Instagram (stina_auer) that is not shown here. And during the days I got recommendations in all ways possible from people already being in Florence. Like this restaurant, the Golden View which my beloved cousin and another woman said was very nice.
My review after being there, having a lot of different food, I have to say the location is marvellous and we made sure we had one of the best tables, looking over the river and having the moon reflects in the dark water, into those panoramic windows. Except for the Westin Excelsior, which also served a lovely dinner, lunch or brunch with a mind blowing roof terrace, this must be the prettiest of views in the night time. But the restaurant itself was in medium quality if you ask us. Being pampered with the true, italian cousin the nights before, it was hard to live up to our expectations.
This kitchen is far more simple, modern and didn't really have that extraordinary touch. They did have a lovely orchestra though, playing some soft music for us guests, but absolutely too high in volume and that felt very wrong, hardly being able to talk to each other during the whole night.
The service was so, so and the wine the same. Maybe it was just a bad night, but I do prefer the other places I recommended and will tell you about very soon. But as I said, the view was absolutely very, very romantic and I'm grateful for having been there and got the tips anyhow!


  1. Good Morning and congratulations!
    I stayed in Florence with my husband for 2 weeks over New Year. Our fourth
    visit. We absolutely love Florence, even in the cold.
    I agree about the Boboli gardens, however you really saw them when they look so bleak. There are many more to see. Hidden away. Including the recently restored Bardini Gardens, which were so old and beautiful they made me cry.
    We stayed at The Four Seasons this time, which has a beautiful Garden, outdoor pool and Spa for treatments. The Hotel is stunning! You must go.
    As for food, we always wander off the tourist track and have never been disappointed. Florence has the best Tuscan cuisine. Thank you for posting the photos. Love your coat!
    Regards Maggie, Canberra Australia

  2. Australian? Sure?
    Anyway, next time you go there for a cocktail or sth without eating :)