Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Florence//Firenze mix

So another random mix of photography from Florence. It can sound ridiculous and some might think I'm a alcoholic just because I truly enjoy most kind of seductive beverage, and let them think so, but I can honestly say I missed being able to have some wine, cocktails and other delicious liquids on this trip. Sure i tasted some of M's wine, but the fact is that the body is not at all eager to have these sorts of drinks when being pregnant. Probably some biological count out for woman to survive, I don't know, but I love being a little tipsy at 5pm when being abroad without children! Who doesn't?
But I wasn't and had my ordinary aqua frizzante or a Coke instead.
Despise from that, you could also tell that I was not in the best of shapes during the evenings, when I wanted to hit back to our hotel at 10pm, when we normally start our nights when being out traveling. Just look at the close up face photography on me, I was almost falling asleep at the restaurant, poor M. And of course, I walked in sport shoes half of the trip which would never happen otherwise. Small differences. When we went to the enormous museums, I almost fainted for the simple fact that we were not allowed to carry either water or snack into the expensive art rooms, which of course make sense but being pregnant, you sort of rely on a toilet, water and food within a minute when necessary. (lovely leopard blouse: Greta, click here)


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the picture of the man with his dogs... Only in Italy would you see Gucci collars on a dog!
    Pregnancy is so tiring, and it does make it harder to really enjoy travelling. When I was pregnant with my oldest child we were travelling in India and I remember the horrors of India toilets so clearly... That and the constant need to eat!
    My subsequent pregnancies were also during periods of travel, and it is hard....
    Thanks for sharing these lovely images.

  2. Florens minns jag med en blandad känsla av välbehag men likväl en stad fullt med turister och trånga gator. Även vi åkte under lågsäsong och trodde därmed att vi skulle slippa undan "det värsta", tji fick vi.
    Och att det på något vis skulle låta alkoholistiskt att vilja ta en drink och vara lite tipsy en eftermiddag utan barn är rent nonsens. Självklart vill man unna sig och njuta - och vad är mer passande en ett glas svalkande vitt i shoppingpausen?
    Att vara gravid är inte alltid en dans på rosor och jag gillar att du är så pass ärlig och rak när det kommer till det! TACK! / J.

  3. Oh i love the gucci dog guy too, really gorgeous. Like i love your blog, been follwing for some weeks now and became an addict, thank you for sharing parts of your life!

  4. The 'Oh I'm just holding this bag for my Mrs' shot did make me smile.

    And have you ever noticed how owners can really resemble their pets?
    All the chap with the bulldogs needs is his own Gucci collar!

    Great pics Stina.

  5. M can really carry off the Birkin :)
    Sälllan har en man sett så bekväm ut med en handväska må jag säga. Väldigt casual. Ska sätta min egen man i hårdträning :)

  6. Great pics! Especially that one from your hubby and your bag :P and the fat dogs of course!
    I think you are doing a great job taking care of your family, yourself and the blog/all the passions you have!