Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Human behaviour

Kids wont do what you tell them to do, kids do what they see us do.


  1. So so True :)
    Thanks for this Great pic

  2. Åh, så fin bild! Sötnos! Jag minns du fotade så mycket med din G12, jag får inga bilder alls med den. Min son rör sig hela tiden, blir dina bilder inte suddiga. Tror knappt jag har någon helt skarp bild på honom! Hur gör man!

    1. Katti, it's seldom I take photos with my Canon G10. This G12 belongs to my sister. The photos comes out nice, but a "real" camera, a systemkamera is far better. But try to raise the ISO when you shoot without a flash and maybe lower the speed of the shoot.


  3. Very true.
    Stina, your boy is absolutely gorgeous! And you blog is looking brilliant.
    R xx

  4. Thank you Stina for guidelines to take better toddler-photos!
    Your pictures are so inspiring and I bought a Canon EOS 400 and took a course, inspired by your pictures. But it doesen't work anyway, so I stick to the iPhone and G12. Just one more question, do you usually work with the pictures (photoshop etc) before we see them here?
    Do you use your iPhone for some picuteres here on the blog as well?

    Thank you!

  5. little kids maybe, but.......:)

  6. Wow, just look at the way he holds that camera! He's a natural!
    The next Doisneau perhaps?

  7. Uta writing. I a m not sure that my comment left from my computer. Problems with it. Such a beautiful picture and it's why parents have to be careful of iwhat they do in front of children! Alexis has the most beautiful eyes I have seen since a long time. Huge blue like the sea with sun. XX