Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In the waiting

This morning, there's no bright, beautiful sky accompany us during our breakfast and what an impact that has on the whole wellbeing! I don't know anyone who is as sensitive to climate, temperatures and weather as me. It's in many way ridiculous, but it's hard to change a personality traits that is so deep inside your DNA. I like the seasons both Scandinavia and Switzerland offer, but can't stand the darkness, the cold, the greyness, the rain more then one month of period (during cosy Christmas) and then I feel how much it affects my mood and turns me into some negative and low feeling character, both my surrounding and myself dislike.
So why I'm I writing all of this on this Tuesday morning? Well, because I really starting to enjoy the more springish days and just can't wait to use all those lovely blazers, thinner coats, jackets that just hangs there, waiting to come out. Like the green Chanel blazer on the picture. Can't wait to wear it again, or my hair-jacket. Two original favorites that I will try to combine in the best way with this growing belly. One thing is clear, my pregnancy taste has definitely changed since last pregnancy. I know much more what works now and what to focus on. Maybe I'll write a thing or two about that also when finding the time.

I know many of you asked for another "perfect wardrobe/how to build a long lasting wardrobe & where to buy for a budget wardrobe" post, and my mind is on it. Tonight my parents in law is coming to stay over and then I need to pack for Florence, but maybe I will find time to give you a informative post about that between.

Talk soon!


  1. Dear Stina I a m so depressed alsi with this long winter and here we have a stirm tiday I cannot prepare my slightly vests etc as yet! Hiw I understand you I feel from the sun!! So depressed yesrerday that I order a 35 new Birkin!! Plus i took a shawl ... No comment ant it will go perfectly with your fantastic Chanel's vest that I have never seen by the way! You dress so well also pregnant that it encourages me to make efforts! You can take it for florence when do you leave? I also prepare already my luggage for NY my husband gets mad... Can you make botox or acide hyaurilique when pregnant? You look so fresh more beautiful if we can... XxUTA

    1. No worry for the spelling Uta, when I'm in hurry I do the same! Writing without correcting!

      Wow, a new Birkin! My favourite is the 35cm! So practical but yet not too big. Which leather and which colour?
      No, I haven't worn the Chanel blazer in green here at the blog yet, but I goes so well with black! It's stunning!

      No I can't do Botox when being pregnant and Hyaluronic acid I haven't done in at least three years, since I was pregnant to Alexis and then breast feed and then just didn't have the time and travelled so much. I've done it before in my lips, especially the lower one, but I don't need it at the moment. When the second baby is born, I will probably do a little touch up! It makes you look so much fresher and prevent the negative part of ageing in a very natural way.

      Chemical peelings is also very good for the skin, the lighter versions but I haven't done one of those either in the same amount of time unfortunately.

      I eat a lot of vegetables, cook "real" food with good ingredients, drink one home made fruit and berry smoothie every day and try to walk as much as possible in the fresh air and sleep!


    2. Why don't you have a fashion blog as well, Uta :):)

  2. Hope you understand so many mistake of writing! Sorry. UTA

  3. Vilken fantastisk krispigt grön kappa - it had me at hello!

  4. I live in Scotland am just like you, my mood and the weather are always linked, a bright day makes me feel so happy and I can feel so down on grey days, you would think that our DNA would have made us immune to dark skies/no light!

    1. M says it as well, that my DNA should be used and built for this kind of climate, being born in Sweden. But i must have been born in the wrong country, because i HATE it and my body really isn't made for this!


  5. Hei Stina!

    Jeg bor i Norge og føler det på akkurat samme måte som deg, en utrolig "down" periode på vinteren..
    Skulle veldig gjerne bodd et sted der det var behagelig klima og mange soldager hele året. Det tror jeg hadde gjort meg til en bedre Mamma,kone og person generelt..
    Dessverre har min mann sitt firma her, og ungene er etablert så det er ikke bare enkelt å flytte til utlandet.
    Er nok som deg en spirituell person med sans for vakre detaljer, og jeg tror slike personer behøver lys og farger rundt seg for at kreativiteten skal være på topp.
    Uansett vil jeg veldig gjerne få avslutte med og takke deg for din fantastiske måte og skrive på, det gir meg veldig mye hver gang jeg besøker bloggen din! Du er en fantastisk kvinne på alle måter.

    Mange varme tanker fra Stine

    1. Exactly, the more creative, spiritual and sensitive you are for the surroundings, the more you need a bright, sunny climate I'm sure of. The environment impacts me in so many ways, I would almost dare to say it creates my mood for the day.

      M can't move either because of his career, I've already made the step so I'm ready to make a better climate move! I understand your situation with your husband and children, it's tricky! A long winter vacation is a must. We're thinking about spending a few weeks in Colombia with both children next winter with my family and M's family.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

    2. Colombia sounds so lovely and right! I can`t wait to read more about it, and how you make things work! I truly belive that we have to work with our inner self, and find out whats important in life..Aim for our dreams, if not we can never develop. Thank your intelligent and unique site, it gives me so mutch.

      All the best from me to you.
      PS. I follow you here and on Instagram, and I am #stineselement

  6. Lovely green colour, reminding us of spring.
    And how nice with a new bag - Uta! To bad you do not have a blog or Instagram - would have loved to see your bag collection :-)//Laila

  7. Love the green blazer. Looks so fresh an springish;)
    Unfortunately i live in Germany and the weather is nearly the same like in Switzerland, i guess.
    I started to do more yoga. We have a gym in our house and i made there my "spiritual corner" only my yoga mat and some nice candles. It help me so much, to focus on my body and see the little progress. I always watch to a yoga DVD, totally silly, i know, but I'm not such a good "do it yourself yogi", i need some instructions, and the DVD plays in the desert and at the ocean. Only watching, when i am very lazy;), makes my mood a little bit better. And i try to eat/cook with friends a lot during this grey times, and i started to knit a blanket...long way to go, but i push myself that it will be finished in april so that i can have the first idyllic pick nick with my own fabricated blanket.
    Sorry, its totally unlogical what i write but its my break from writing an long very hated article...
    Send you lots of imaginable sunshine
    And sorry for my bad english, try to improve it...
    And try to comment your Blog regularly;)

  8. For Stina and Laila(!) my new Birkin will be dark kaki colour and it's true that I have a big collection of hand bags... All my best. UTA

  9. Well Stina as I still have some problems with PC, I dont know if comment left, I was telling you the Birkin is leather "Taurillon Clémence"- and I also said that I had lunch with my best friend and she said that you were gorgeous, Alexis so cute of course and I said more of all, than you have a "so beautiful soul"..
    Compliments are finished for today !!
    Warmly XX

  10. Uppskattar verkligen det kommande inlägget om att bygga en garderob! Det är svårt att veta när man skall "save or splurge" so to speak, när man har en budget att rätta sig efter.

    Måste verkligen erkänna att sedan jag började läsa din blogg har jag insett värdet i att se alla min garderobsköp som investeringar, och framförallt lärt mig vikten av bra material! Polyester ut - cashmere in!

    Jag tror att vi är många därute som faller för både trender/skärningar som inte passar våra kroppar och färger vi inte klär i och gör onödiga felköp gång på gång. Från och med nu så är det väl genomtänkta och planerade köp som gäller, istället för vilda rallyn i reakorgarna:)

    Såg precis att du svarat angående skjortorna från Equipment och att du faktiskt nämnt de i det tidigare utmärkta inlägget om att packa en weekendgarderob (mkt bra skrivet). Min första skjorta är nu påväg hem och det blev den här:


    En Signature Slim i härligt pythonmönster!

    Kanske inte så basic, men jag har faktiskt märkt att djurmönstrat är mer gångbart än vad man kan tro! Skall bli spännande och se hur den är i modellen.