Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making love to some round courgettes

Ohhh food, food, food sooooo I've missed you during my sickness! It's such a pleasure making orgasmic love to you again and what better way of doing so then with these perfectly round, delicious courgettes (squash), filled with parmegano/squash/onion fried minced meat and topped with a delightful and creamy mashed potato, topped with even more parmegano. After 45 min in the owen they came out, dripping of juices and tasted like a first kiss.

(I will write the recipe for these and those paprikas I've promised hopefully tonight!)


  1. Hello, Stina ! I love these round courgettes and use them a lot although, being rather older than you, I don't have the same steamy relationship with them as you have !! Still, I can't wait for the recipe. Glad to see you're better now !

  2. Liselote from Aix-en ProvenceMarch 14, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    How heavy it looks .... It's a pity for squash: this so fine vegetable. you should prepare them more simply, with meat only and spicy... why not a little bit of cheese on the top to finish.
    May be is it the Swiss German way? but here in Provence not al all. Sorry.

    1. Well, the taste is different! I looooove it like this when the temperatures are still cold. In the summer you can fill them with more less heavy ingredients but this works perfectly! The best way of enjoying food is to be versatile! There's not only one way of preparing a vegetable like this. There's millions!