Sunday, March 3, 2013

Restaurants in Stockholm

Yesterday evening, some girls and I went for a evening out and had cocktails and dinner at the new asian restaurant in town, Farang in Vasastan. I was positively surprised by the facility and we had, what they insisted everyone should have, the seven course menu. I thought it was quite pricy for thai/indonesian/malaysian dishes, but hoped the food would live up to the price and I love asian cuisine so I had really high expectations. We recently visited Miss Voon and it's pricy as well, but well worth it. But all of us were not so convinced and I have to say that the meal was overpriced for what you got. The service was nevertheless very nice and I liked the concept, but if you go there, have a main course of your own choice and maybe a starter, that would fit better and be more value for money. We had a wonderful evening despite it all and I love how interesting our subjects at the table were.
A place that never disappoints me though and that I n e e d to visit when coming to Stockholm, is Sturehof and with one dish in mind only: their famous "Köttbullar", the meatballs with potato purée and cream sauce with lingonberry jam and sweet pickled cucumber. Today, Dad took us all there and we had a long, lovely Sunday lunch with the cold but sunny Stockholm shining through the windows.
Another classic restaurant, perfect for a business lunch or a dinner is Tranan in Vasastan. I love going there and went the other day for a lovely lunch at had the most perfect "Wallenbergare", a classic swedish dish you just have to try when being a tourist here.


  1. you´re better that tripadvior, because i trust you more, haha
    thank you, have a great time!
    xx doro

  2. Love Tranan!
    Me and my boyfiriend (how come that word always sound so childish...) are alwyas going there to celebrate big occations in our lifes. Sp cosy and very good food! Love your gems in the city, thanks to you I found Cadierbaren.

  3. Oh, and I just booked two nights in Venice in June. i have looked at your posts from your visit there but would like to ask if you have any suggestions for resturants or cafés. Would be very greatful!