Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UPDATE - About Stina Auer

So finally, I've updated the About Stina Auer page, on the left hand side of this blog. That welcoming and information site about who I am, felt so old and not up to date at all and a couple of month ago I decided to put it down until I found inspiration to write a more accurate one. The new page is now published so feel free to read it If you are new here (or a faithful reader) and want to know a little bit more about me and this creative forum.
In the on going future, my vision stands for a lot of changes in this blog. The layout is one thing and there's other areas that needs to get an update for sure.

But in the meantime, click HERE!

I've said it before but it can never be said too many times - I'm so grateful to have soooo many world living, intelligent readers every day that takes time reading, commenting and chose to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to share small pieces of ourself and inspire each other with all things wonderful and beautiful in this world. Thank You!


  1. Dear Stina! U are a beautiful woman with a beautiful Baby! I like your Style and You like a Person (how far i can read about u)
    So u are my daily Inspiration and i hope i can read your blog soo many years more...Why i found you just since 2 Month ? :-(
    Thank u to be my daily Inspiration, you beauty Mummy!

  2. sorry,I do not understand, what is your profession? are you a doctor or nurse?

  3. Hi Stina.. You are very beautiful and you are blessed with a beautiful baby. How you keep yourself well maintained with a baby. I too have baby but I didn't get time to work on myself.

  4. I have been following you for years!! Always such a pleasure to read your posts.