Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So it's time for us to travel again to Stockholm and once again leave M back in Zürich. It's always a bit hard and therefore it was so suitable that the canton of Zürich had Monday off this week, so we all got a long weekend together. That the sun was shining and the temperatures reached 25-26°, only made it better!
The first day we stayed in Zürich, had a picnic at the lake side and just walked around. But yesterday, we took the car to a massive waterfall in the village of Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Such a wonderful place and Alexis was all fascinated by the water. Even there, we had a picnic in the green instead of having a sober lunch at the nice restaurant located in the area. It's so much more relaxing when Alexis can run around and we don't need to be watching his whereabouts every other second.
These pictures are so adorable, don't you think? M has become such a great father! It took more than a year for him to get into this new role, and neither of us is afraid of admitting that, but now he is just so warm, tender and loving - it warms my heart!

(blazer: Chanel, top: Present from Lissie, pregnancy tights: H&M, waist bag and ballerinas: Chanel)


  1. beautiful pictures! beautiful family!
    You're right, when children are young it's so much more relaxing to stop trying to eat at fancy restaurants. It's a small sacrifice, and before you know it, kids are teenagers and freedom to be an adult comes back.
    I hope you have a great time in Sweden!

  2. As I told you, you discover again other things of life with little A. More nature and M looks so happy with such a nice little boy.
    more superficial now... I like very much the present of Lissie!!! I also have a Chanel belt-bag like this , I dont wear it anymore but it's very practicle in you case. And nice. I did know that they still were selling it.
    Have a good trip with new pictures to swhow us.
    Warmly beautiful.

  3. Picture perfect! Love the fatherly devotion and adorable smiles in here. Have fun! Got my eye on your next posts.

  4. I feel the same about my husband and his role as a father. He was always there to help and support me, but now he finds joy in spending time with Astrid. I think it's becauseIts very sweet to watch and be part of. WE also travel to Stockholm soon, but in 11 days adn staying there for 10 days without husband :-( I hope its warmer by the time we arrive...

  5. Jag tror det alltid är lättare för pappor att bonda med barnet när det är lite äldre, då har de mer gemensamt och mamman behövs inte hela tiden på samma sätt som när en bebis är nyfödd. Skönt att M är bekväm i papparollen nu!

    Var kommer Alexis skor ifrån? Underbart söta!

  6. When you enter a new episode of life, everyone needs time to get into a new role, and its no shame, when it takes longer, luckily, nobody is like another human being.
    You get to arrange your life around another life, this of your child and inculde it, at the same time, but you also don´t forget your own life and personality and i think that this is one of the great challenges of the humans, to raise a child and "establish" a family.
    And yes, these pictures are very beautiful!
    All the best for your in Stockholm;)

  7. Wow, that really touched my heart, Stina! I can imagine that it's more difficult for the father, specially when the child maybe wasn't planned or expected, than for the mother who actually carries it and feeds it and feel another kind of connection to it. On top of that, considering that you and Alexis were living in Stockholm in the beginning, I can imagine it was more of a challenge for M to get used to the parenting situation. When that is said, I couldn't be more happier for you three (soon four). It must be a wonderful feeling for all of you. And great pictures by the way, once you have a spare moment (hehe) I would love to read some tips from Stine the photographer!
    Have a lovely time in Stockholm, fingers crossed for nice weather and some even nicer outfits :)

  8. Underbart fina bilder!

  9. What a nice post and very nice pictures. Don't worry about M being a father. My father needed to get into role with me when I was a child (I am 21 now) and, in the end, he did the best job ever!

  10. The first 2 pictures are just heart melting

  11. Hej Stina!

    Nu har jag hittat tillbaka igen efter att ha tappat bort dig ett tag. Jag har bara en liten fråga: - är det goggisar som Alexis har på fötterna?

  12. He's such a darling and beautiful boy. And the two of them together!

  13. Alexis became such an adorable boy!