Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boys, boys, boys ...

I promised to tell you the gender of the new little baby, jumping around inside of me.
I felt from the beginning, that it woulnd't surprise me if I got yet another one of these little boys, and even though I would have loved one of each, destiny decided differently. So yesterday we found out that Alexis will be a big brother to little L!
The name has been set since the very beginning and it's beautiful and will go perfectly with Alexis. Having one son already, he is the absolute best measurement of how wonderful that can be and there's no greater love than the one I feel for that little boy. But I can honestly tell you that even though I'm more than beyond grateful that the baby looks alright, health ... etc, I did get one or two tears rolling down my cheeks when I got the news and first I felt a little sad. But when I focused myself and realised this, visualised it, I started to see them both play together and then it all felt better. It's one of these few things in life we have absolutely no control over, and I both love and hate that simple fact of life.
Maybe we'll try a third time in the future, who knows, and then I would love to have a little girl of course, but bringing up two handsome gentlemen with their heart and soul at the right place will certainly be a wonderful adventure and I will enjoy it to the fullest, being the only woman in the household and hopefully that will come with certain benefits.


  1. Congratulations!! Two brothers, that´s just wonderful. <3

    You are an amazinf woman and I love your blog!

    I can totally relate to your feelings, although I have a little girl now. I had always dreamed about a little boy, so it was a bit hard for me (for a second) to visualize myself bringing up a little girl. Now, having a girl is of course the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    I love it how honest you are about these feelings.

    Trevlig veckoslut Stina och din familj!
    And greetings from Finland. Hope I got it right.. ;)

  2. Anyway congrats again Stina! It truly felt like a boy but I crossed my fingers for a girl, but the most satisfying thing is that its a healty baby. Maybe its a generation thing, since your mom got 2 lovely doughters ;) anywho I think that the Brother Love is going to be amazing and surely there will be benefits beeing the only woman. I'm sure they are going to spoil you in an more european way then we do in Sweden. Hope you have a lovely day with spring finally here in Stockholm. Hugs Rima

  3. Grattis till er lilla kille!

  4. Congratulations Stina, to you and your family! Think about it this way; you guys are obviously very skilled at making perfect boys..

    Best of luck!


  5. I love your honesty Stina, many congratulations, two boys who will grow up and spoil their mother rotten!

    1. +1 on that comment.
      Wish you all the best with your boys.

  6. Gratulerar!! Fantastiskt!

    Vill också ta tillfället i akt och tacka för en fantastisk blogg, en perfekt blandning av personliga reflektioner, resor, mode och inte minst; fantastiska bilder. Du ger otroligt mycket positiv energi via din blogg! Tack!

  7. Melpo from AthensApril 20, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    :-) see? The belly shape is never wrong!

    CONGRATULATIONS STINA!!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!!


  8. Gratulerer så mye !
    Litt praktisk er det jo, han kan arve alle de fine klærne etter Alexis :)

  9. boys are so cool! girls are easier to handle when they´re little, that´s true, but once they´re a little bit older, like 4 or 5 years old they are so much more independent. and you get so much more quality time with your husband, hihi... and don´t you just love the fact to be the princess (as my boys say) of the house...?! my husband calls me "the law" and they call me a princess.

    but as i told you...i also shed a tear, i wanted a mini me so much but always had the thought "what if it´s another boy" that i read "the law of attraction i know what happened, but it´s all good. my boys love each other so much and play together from the beginning, even if they´re 6 years apart.

    i love to say that my husband doesn´t know how to make girls...he always say it´s my fault, he didn´t do nothing...yeah, they never do, haha ;)

    i´m so happy for you! have a great time in sweden and lots of sun and happiness


  10. Congratulation Stina. It will be so nice for Alexis to have a brother. And may be one day...... Who knows? In French we say never 2 without 3 , the miracle is that you can give life and to healthy little boys, hugs Uta

  11. Förstår att det skulle vara kul med en tjej. Men det är som du säger, inte fel att uppfostra två gentlemen :) . Och vad skönt att allt såg bra ut. Själv har jag ingen aning om vad som är i min mage men får reda på det inom 5 veckor då bf är satt :) . Ha nu en mysig helg! Kram Linda

  12. It´s so "shocking" that someone is so honest, with feelings, live, problems..thank you Stina for sharing a lot of your live with your readers. And all the best for little L;)
    I´m so curious about the name!!!

    All the best,

  13. Congratulations! Looking forward to follow you on this journey.

  14. Congratulations!


  15. Congratulations! When I found out I was having a boy I wept, because I am so girly, and felt a girl would suit me more. After the scan I was very teary and emotional. Also, I knew because of my age, and my partner'a age, this would be our only child together...anyway, now he is 2, and he suits me, and he id perfect. Sometimes I think of my jewels, and bags and scarves and things and I wonder who will inherit these girly accoutrements.

    I know how you feel, but I think 2 little boys are perfect for you.

  16. A mothers intuition is never wrong. Congratulations to the whole family!
    You'll have great fun with two boys, and they keep you fit running around after them too.
    And why stop at two...a little sister, with two big brothers to look after her, would be a lovely addition.

  17. Stina, congratulations on having a healthy little prince on the way!

    I think it is a very delicate subject as we are not allowed to have any preferences in gender on our babies. The most important thing is of course for the baby to be healthy and yes we "skaffar barn, inte kön". However, I think when a woman has such a strong bond and close relationship with her own mother, like you have, the wish to have a daughter is sort of a way to recreate or continue that bond with a little girl of your own

    again, congratulations!
    /Anna H

  18. Stort grattis Stina! Och jag älskar namnet Alexis!

  19. Warmest congratulations! Enjoy following your blog.

  20. Boy oh boy I just sensed it all along/your shape just screamed it.congratulations dear Stina.may both your
    sons grow into fine men.Lanax

  21. First of all Congratulation to you and all your loved ones.
    I never commented before, but have been reading you blog for a while
    now. But today i felt like i should.
    You know little boys are awesome! I have a boy and a girl BUT i have
    to admit that my boy is the one who is close to my heart. He is so much like me.
    Thanks for your honesty i really like your blog for that.
    Enjoy your pregnancy.
    Warmest greetings from Germany,

  22. My dearest Stina, having you as a mother of 2 handsome and beautiful sons is beyond GREAT!
    I´m just imagining you and your darling guiding these loveable gentlemen to be the finest peace of art the world has ever seen <3

  23. Im pregnant and already found Out that wie have antobet Girl and i can totally undersnd you, because i wandten a Boy....

  24. Dear Stina,
    I so admire your honesty. I think no matter what we have, there may be a moment of adjustment.
    As the mother of 4 ( 2 girls then 2 boys, in that order) I can honestly say that boys need a brother, much more than girls need a sister (or boys need a sister). 2 boys together are such a delight, and have such fun. MIne are now 12 & 13, they share a room, play together, laugh together and I know will be friends for life. I also can say I have a much easier, more loving relationship with my boys. Perhaps this is because we are getting through the difficult teenage years with 2 girls, but I have found the boys easier from the start. I love my children all equally, but there is something so special about raising boys and the easy joy they bring. A midwife once said to me (when I had my first son) "Girls get into your head and boys get into your heart".
    Love to you from Australia! x

  25. It is your lot in Life to be surrounded by beautiful boys! Such a blessing! Congratulations =) Anette

  26. Grattis! Jag har tre killar så visst är det som du säger, man är verkligen the queen of the house :-)
    Första gången ville jag verkligen ha en son, andra kvittade det vilket men gärna en son till och nr var verkligen önskad att vara en flicka men ödet ville annorlunda och han är givetvis lika älskad som de andra. Jw

  27. Hej Stina! Grattis till barnet! Men jag kan inte låta bli att tycka att det är lite orättvist att lägga dessa "könsförväntningar" på någon som inte ens är född. Låt säga att barnet föds med det ena eller andra eller båda (det kan hända det med) könet (sex) men sen identifierar sig med det ena eller det andra eller det tredje eller inget av dessa socialt konstruerade gender. Vad händer då? Nu svarar du säkert (som de flesta) att du älskar ditt barn oavsett. Och det är ju fint. Men så som du skriver nu så bidrar du (och många av de som kommenterar) till en massa idéer om vad som förväntas av en individ med ett specifikt kön (pojkar är si och flickor är så... osv). Det är så begränsande och sorgligt eftersom det finns så många som inte "vågar" leva upp till sitt fulla jag pga detta.

  28. Grattis till en frisk och go liten pojke i magen!

    Håller med anonym ovan. Det är väldigt många här inne som tycker det ena och det andra om hur pojkar respektive flickor är och ska vara. Jag rynkar på näsan varje gång. Att flickor skulle vara lättare eller behöva mindre aktiviteter och pojkar är mer krävande är ju väldigt generalisernade och begränsandef för barnet. Som mamma till båda könen kan jag säga att det inte är särskilt rätt heller. Mina flickor är mycket mer aktiva och krävande än min pojke och har alltid varit. Dock tror jag att det i många andra länder fokuseras mycket mer på dessa könsroller än man normalt gör i Sverige och det är därför kommentarerna ofta har dessa åsikter. Jag var bara tvungen att lämna ett litet alternativt synsätt.

    Älskar din blogg, dina vackra bilder och fina källa till inspiration. Keep up the good work Stina.


  29. you're such a honest and lovely person. I wish the best for your family.


  30. Män gör män som Zlatan säger :) Grattis Stina! Det kommer bli bra ska du se. Kram

  31. Aww, Stina jag förstår dej så väl! Vill själv absolut ha en tjej en vacker men man vet aldrig hur det går. Nåja :) Kanske din syster får en lite dotter en vacker dag, då blir du säkert oxå en glad moster! Ha det bäst!

  32. Hej!

    Jag har en pojke som är ungefär i din sons ålder och var på ultraljud häromdagen för att få reda på könet på min kommande bebis. Jag kände på mig precis som du att det var en pojke och mycket riktigt så visade det sig vara så.
    Jag kände också ett sting av besvikelse först. Det hade varit så roligt med en flicka och jag vill nog inte ha fler barn. Men precis som du skriver så börjar man se dem framför sig och hur kul de kommer att ha ihop. Och man blir ju drottningen i hushållet ;) Tack för att du är så öppen och ärlig.


  33. we just find out that we will have two boys also. I was very sad ever since. I wonted girl so much. i reading you blog and try to find trend of this situation..