Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Who can resist a classic Carbonara? So easy to do, it should be considered as "fast food". 
Recipe will be up tonight!

RECIPE for a classic CARBONARA 4 person's

- spagetti for 4 people
- 3 egg
- 3- 4 dl (3-400ml) full cream
- 100g nice bacon
- 100g Parmegano
- 1 onion, (optional, I didn't use it this time but it sure gives a nice flavour) 
- salt n' pepper

Start the water for the pasta. Cut the bacon in small pieces and fry until they have that perfect tan and most of the fat has separated from the meat. If you chose to use onion, cut them in small, small pieces and fry them in another pan until they are soft but not brown. 
When the bacon, onion (optional) is ready, put them together in one of the pans. Crack the 3 eggs into the pan, add the grated parmegano, the cream, salt & pepper and stir, stir, stir. The egg's are not suppose to be hard, it's important to blend, blend all the time. Add some salt'n and a great amount of pepper. Some use the fat from the bacon into the mix, but with the heavy cream it's not necessary if you ask me, despite for even more flavour of course!
Hopefully the pasta is now ready, so add the pasta into the pan and let it all cook together with a constant stirring for about 30 sec. Serve pronto! Powder some fresh pepper on the dish when being on the plate and decorate it with half of an egg shell and the egg yolk in. That is extremely tasty to add into the warm dish of you like the taste of it, but the person can always decide for themselves. Else it's just a nice aesthetic touch.
The approximate time of cooking this Carbonara dish, is about 10-15 minutes(!), so if this is not delicious "fast food" -  I don't know what to call it?! 
Serve with some lovely bottle of red wine and enjoy!


  1. we had such a pasta pesto time for the last few weeks and yesterday i told my husband that maybe we should try some other pasta recipe, maybe carbonara, haha, so: yaay! bring it on!

  2. Well, pasta is a fast food indeed...:-)

  3. Hum hum full of cream... But so goooood I also like them. Uta

  4. I love the carbonara but I find it slightly hard to digest. Never use cream though!


  5. Thanks for posting this recipe! I love it when bloggers do these kinds of posts, especially yours, because the food is absolutely AMAZING!!