Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eating out

So yesterday I had absolutely no idea of how to survive without falling asleep standing. My tiredness hunted me like a shade. But there was a lovely dinner to attend at Sturehof where I was invited to discuss a interesting subject, so I dressed up and jumped into the black car that came and fetched me. If the food wasn't as delicious as it was, the other girls not as interesting, I would probably have gone earlier, but I stayed until 11pm. Today I suffer from that, but hopefully it will all feel better when I'm about to meet this gorgeous woman and her son.

(Don't forget that Soft Goat (cashmere sweaters) & Malina (beautiful silk dresses) is having a SALE today on different items on Grevgatan 16 in Stockholm, 25-27 of April. Don't miss it!)

(coat: Gimabattista Valli, old maternity pants & heels: Valentino)


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    1. Thank you Angelica, ditto, such a long time since!

  2. I very like your coat and beautiful heels!!

  3. Did you say that the other girls wasn't interesting? That's not nice to say... or did I missunderstand you?

    1. I think Stina meant that if the other girls weren't interesting, she would've gone home earlier. But they were interesting and nice, so she stayed till 11. guess u missunderstood her!

    2. Exactly!!! There were all very interesting!


  4. @AnonymousApril 25, 2013 at 12:32 PM

    just read the text again, you totally misunderstood her ;)

    Rebecca S.

  5. Snyggt Stina, en härlig stil! Kram

  6. Yes it was missing two words into sentence Stina wanted to say that food was excellent and girls inteteresting it's why she stayed until 11 no problem Anymous everyone has undetstood dont be so hard with Stina now! Uta

  7. Uta again ! You look beautiful into this dressXxx

  8. I´m interested in your shoe treatment, i know, a very strange question, but, do you clean polish your heels after wearing?Because your shoes always look so clean and polished.
    All the best,