Monday, April 22, 2013

Family gathering

Yesterday we gathered our beloved cousins and my beautiful sister Lissie cooked (she's an amazing chief and a very sensual and passionated one) a spicy and italian dinner with fresh sea mussels and a lot of herbs. So much to talk about life, travels and the future and so much love, it's incrredible what a adorable family I have around me.
Today I'm having my hair cut and tonight I'm having dinner with two remarkable persons, I'm sure you will recognise both of them ...


  1. Åh, vad härligt det såg ut! Det är underbart att laga mat till hela familjen. Det såg jättegott ut! och lilla Söta A på sista bilden... :) Ha en underbar dag!

  2. Marveloooooooooous pictures and your sister Lissie is really a beautiful girl a part the fact that she cooks hum very good spaghettis.....
    Alexis with chocolate around the mouth looks exactly like you on this picture. I have not noticed that as yet.
    So lucky to have such a fantastic family and friends...Dear Stina.
    P.S. Isn't it a dress od shirt of you on the pretty brown lady?

  3. Sorry I want to say on Lissie, the dress.

  4. Your sister always reminds me of Brigitte Bardot, i don't know why, i think it's the mouth!?

    Rebecca S.

  5. Ah, it must be so lovely to be part of a big family.

  6. Love your sisters blouse/dress whatever.The dancer on it, beautiful!
    And now i ´m hungry and only have some chewing gum and cornflakes in my office...
    Hope you only cut a few few centimeters, your hair always looks so nice!
    All the best,

  7. hmm that looks so delicious i love your food pictures ;)

  8. Dear Stina,

    first of all: Congratulations to your second boy! Fantastic news! I'm sure you will bring up two beautiful men!
    Further I got really hungry when I saw this delicious meal your sister cooked. Precious to have a such great family...
    Did you colour your hair during the pregnancy as well? I'm sure you're looking great with your new hairstyle.

    All the best

  9. First of all: the picture of the choholate covered Alexis - OMG how cute can one be?
    Second: Your sister is absolutely stunning. Very classic look with a twist. Quite remarkable to have such a personal look at that young age.
    Third: Would it be possible to have the recepie of that lovely looking pasta?

  10. dear Stina! somehow I knew it will be a boy :))) me I have 2 boys as well, 7 years old and 5 months old. now I am absolutely happy, but I know how you felt when you got the news. I do not know what is wrong with us ;)) i agree with someone here who told you a boy needs a brother rather than a girl needs a sister and rather a brother than a sister ;) you surroumded by 3 men so good looking - what a picture!!! I wish you all the best, my dear!!!! eka from zurich

  11. Beautiful family pictures! Nothing more precious than quality time with the ones you treasure. Have a lovely time back home!