Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday morning

I spent the morning with pedicure and the company of these gorgeous sisters today and M took Alexis for a couple of hours. Laura you meet before and this is her little sister Jill. Adorable, both of them!


  1. Laura and kill are charming and very pretty.
    Is the yellow bag a miu miu bag?

  2. Looks a nice beazy salon . Is it a Spa? Xxx uta

  3. Looks like a very nice place and you ladies are enjoying yourselves :-) Have a HAPPY Sunday :-)

  4. wow, iam thrilled by lauras and jills beauty, they look so naturally beautiful,sophisticated and handsome. but non of them has a blog, right? :-( maybe you should persuade them ;) you seem to be circled by lots of great friends!

    1. Yes, they are so pretty both of them. And Jill is 12 years younger then me and Laura is 10 years younger then me, so they still have this youthfulness!