Tuesday, April 23, 2013


My Lord. The dinner yesterday evening with Corinne and Andreas was exactly what I wanted, but arriving back home at midnight and having Alexis waking up at 5.30am for the fifth morning in a row is such a nightmare. Tired is not the right word for how I feel at the moment, I'm so exhausted, a zombie and just dream of sleep and rest. That my iron level is f a r to low even though I take strong iron supplements is not helping and on top of that my blood pressure is too low. Not the best of combinations. Talk soon.


  1. I´m also missing my energy, feels like it disappeared since a couple of weeks. I started to drink two big big cups of coffee in the morning and eat something with a lot of sugar (today it was actually some cheesecake) to get my body started. But i´m not pregnant at the moment, so i can hardly give you some advice what to do....Myself helped a lot of yoga, coffee and sugar!Healthy combination;)
    Hope you get fine!
    All the best and with a lot of energy,

  2. Be att få infusion ist. Jag tål Inte järntabl och har fått det. Gör stor skillnad. Blir lite som en ny människa några veckor efter droppet. Jag är i vecka 21 nu och väntar min första pojk. Har två flickor som längtar efter lillebror. Jag har hyperemesis så jag längtar också efte att bli normal igen.. Kram

  3. Please Stina even you want to see your friends, rest more more more. XXX

  4. ugh... same here - and i don't even have a baby ;)

    when will we see your new haircut? :)

    Rebecca S.

  5. I dont know..., is it really a nightmare to wake up at around six a few mornings in a row to take care of your child at home? Plenty of people wake up at that hour all year around,regardless of how little sleep or lack of energy they have. Shower, get dressed and go to work, where they have to be on top and active in meetings, conferences etc. all day,that sounds more like a nightmare...
    Best regards from an Office girl

    1. Hi,

      yes it is, especially since the time is more around 5-ish then 6am. Also because I have a busy schedule with work meetings, I'm a Fashion editor for a magazine and working with that, going to doctors appointment, taking care of Alexis all day long, being pregnant and would like to hang with my friends and family the spare time that is left.

      Going to work at 7am like "normal" people would be holiday for me. No distraction, easy to focus, being on the same place.


    2. Hello Stina,
      I can definately see your point of view, even though I don't share it. I suppose that we all see things differently and sometimes idealize what we don't have at the moment.
      One thing that I do oppose to are the comments that equalize a full time job with beeing a stay at home parent.I belive that some women are "hiding" behind the comfort of staying at home by putting a label on it an calling it the hardest job in the world.
      I'm under the belif that a job is a job and should not be compared to raising a family, is that not supposed to be called life?
      Thank you for taking the time to commenting and I do hope you feel more enegized soon!
      Best, Office Girl

  6. Dear Stina,

    Grape molasses, beetroot molasses and mulberry molasses help so much to fulfill our iron stocks. i strongly recommend them especially organic ones. you can have a look to turkish food srotes in Sweeden and in Switzerland.


  7. The Sandman isn't my friend either these days, I've had three sleepless nights on the trot and feel like a zombie.

  8. To Anonymous April 24, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    Well, I have been were Stina is with beeing pregnant, having a toddler AND and thousand things besides that and I can honestly say that it is a vacation to go to work. And I usually have a very stressful work situation but not even the most stressful day at the office can be as hard as a dag home with all that. If somebody says differently they are either lying or haven't been home with kids. Your collegues don't call you poop head if you put your foot down and you usually get that few moments of rest between meetings.

    Take care Stina and try to rest as much as possible.


  9. Hi Stina! Will you show us your new hair? Everybody is waiting, I bet! ;-)

  10. Beeing a stay at home mom is the hardest Job.
    I was a Full Time Office Girl years Ago, but without Having children, u have Weekends and holidays

  11. Of course you dont mention women working pregnant and a toddler at home!!

  12. I do not know what is hardest, being a stay at home mother or a full time working mother with a very stressful and time consuming job AND small children that sometimes do not sleep nights etc, and I suppose it also depends on who is doing it and what personal preferences that person has.

    However my opinion on this matter is that a) life was less stressfull before I had children, even if I sometimes did 80-hour weeks at the office, and b) I was really tired when I was pregnant . So I really think Stina has every right to feel tired.


  13. Stina you travel, you changed your country, you are pregnant, have A so living and you stay beautiful for your man. You do already so much dont feel guilty if all these women can answer. Dont mind and rest as much you can. Deliver work to a lady at home etc etc. Not everyone is madr from the same wood as we say in French.
    Hugs. Uta

  14. Admittedly I used to think exactly like Office Girl. The ,hardest job' label was made up in order to make stay at home mothers feel better. But after having two kidsI had to revise my opinion. I guess you have to have small kid(s) in order to being able to understand what it is like being without a break 24 hours a day, not having weekends to rest, not being able to relax during holidays, not being able to go to the toilet on your own, having to get up several times during night for months etc. I have also been working 50-80 hour weeks in an office, attending meetings, having presentations for global man dominated competitive audience, mostly much senior than me (which is pretty stressful for an introvert like me). But still it is much more exhausting to stay at home with kids to my opinion. Being back to work with 2 kids is still less exhausting than staying at home. Getting up at 6, not only preparing yourself but also 2 little ones, taking them to daycare, picking them up after a long day at work, cooking, bringing them to bed, starting the computer to work for a couple of hours... Well, that is exhausting, but still not as draining as staying at home with the kids. Even if there is no pause, the change of environment and being allowed to switch off the responsibility helps a lot.
    Two kids is not so much more exhausting than one, although the sleep quality makes all the difference.
    I don't even want to imagine what it is like when your iron is low...
    All the best, Office Mom

  15. I am a working mother too, with a job that still needs me to be very flexible (think - 100% availability) and deliver stellar performance mostly all the time. It is very rewarding and I love it but sometimes it is very draining, especially when sleep quality is low due to toddler's with colds that prevent them from sleeping well.

    I guess you always want what you do not have but right now I see some avantages to staying at home, such as not having to dress up and put your makeup on when you have had a rough night and not be super polite, eloquent and always deliver deliver deliver in competition with so many people that want your job and do not have toddlers at home.

    But when work is more moderately phased, it sure is less stressful than staying at home, I agree. At least it provides for more diversion and grown up conversations, and your boss does not insist on following you into the ladies (if he does, change jobs!). But you often miss your children of course.

    Oh if there were a perfect solution to fit all!

    MK - another Office Mom

  16. Take care, dear! I find some comments just ugly;) but you - beautiful! Raising children far away from where your home land is, is hard :) I know! Kisses, Eka from ZH