Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A little piece of silver happiness

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates here. But yesterday I had a migraine attack and it was almost like my body was warning me towards this awful pain and state, because the last couple of days I've been hunted with such a heavy pregnant feeling.
Now we're packing for a long weekend away and to make myself feel better and just because I couldn't resist; these silver beauties, totally unpractical, not even comfy - but oh so perfect shoes, had to follow me home.
Hopefully I'll have time to shoot of some great outfits this weekend also. I'm expecting a lot of fun and will bring my camera for sure!

(heels: Phillip Lim)


  1. yesterday i bought some "look-alikes" tiny strap-uncomfy-heels but so perfect for dinner evenings with my husband, i call them sitting-shoes: shoes that can not be walked in for a longer period of time. but from the car to the restaurant: perfect!

    have fun and i´m so sorry for your migraine, that´s so awful

  2. Haute Hot OMG!

    You have the best taste now pop that little baby and lets get those beauties photographed!!!


  3. Superläckra skor :) . Hoppas ni får en underbar weekend. Kram Linda

    1. Merci! Hope the weather is on our side!

  4. Såå snygga !!!
    Pest med migrän hoppas det känns bättre nu !!
    Stor varm kram till dig bästaste Stina !

  5. Wish you a wonderful looong week-end :)