Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Casual but chic in cashmere

There's been a lot of talk about cashmere in this blog by me the last couple of years. But how can we not highlight one of the nicest materials there is in this world? A cashmere sweater is by far the most perfect of garments for both kids and grown ups, all seasons around, for it's remarkable ability to adapt to temperatures. It works hand in hand with the climate of the skin and the surrounding, it doesn't scratch like wool does on a naked epidermis and the feeling is always light and easy. The aesthetic part of cashmere just makes the picture perfect, the surface gives a impeccable look of exclusivity and elegance and it has always been like that.
With all of this said, it's also a material who need some extra love and care though cashmere is delicate and need to be washed in a very sensitive hand wash program or wool program in a separate washing bag, but most preferably taken to the dry cleaner. Every time you've used it, you should let it air in some fresh wind or just open in the bathroom, to keep its freshness.

I have the great opportunity to give ALL my readers 10 percent on ALL things from Soft Goat for 10 days if you use the code; Stinaauer 

Please click your way there and pamper yourself with some lovely cashmere! They ship all around the world! Last time I got these ones.

(cashmere sweater: Soft Goat, this one, pregnancy pants: H&M & bag: Balenciaga)


  1. What a great start of the day, thank you Stina! I also have the same feeling as you when it comes to cashmere, that lovely feeling on the skin.... Wish you a sunny Tuesday :)

  2. Perfect! just the right way to start this rainy day in Stockholm.. thank you and have a lovely day!

  3. Du ser helt strålande ut! Älskar att inspireras av hur snyggt du klär dig när du är gravid. Själv har jag länge suktat efter en tröja från Soft Goat och ska nog slå till på en eller två med det här erbjudandet. Vilken storlek har du på din tröja nu när du är gravid? Själv är jag precis i början av min graviditet men jag funderar på att gå upp någon storlek för att kunna ha den även lite längre fram i höst.

    Tack för en jättefin och inspirerande blogg! /Hanna

    1. Congrats to your own pregnancy!

      Thank you soo much! I feel much more comfy in this pregnancy of I'll compare it with last time.

      I wear a size Medium, but did that ebfore I got pregnant also. So Medium works both when I'm not pregnant and when being pregnant for me!

      Happy shopping, you will LOVE them!

    2. Tack för snabbt svar! Bara att besluta vilka färger jag ska köpa nu då!

  4. Maybe i order some items, i felt in love with a lot of the soft goat sweaters, they always look so nice on you, M and Alexis.
    Unsure which color i should take, love black and grey but my closet is full of black and grey sweaters.....
    All the best and thank you for sharing!

    1. Try the off white which is very nice or the cable knitted in orange! I took that one on Large and it looks so good!

  5. Being a true fashionista surely you know that soft goat, or any other low budget cashmere sellers use only the shortest fibers and the most loose knit and in addition looser twist for that matter? There is a massive difference between worsted cashmere and woolen cashmere which as a couture buyer I am more than certain you are aware of ;)
    The cheapest cashmere will have much more pilling, breaking linking seams etc than higher grade brands and qualities.

    1. Of course I know that also in cashmere, there's different qualities. But I also know that the old time, scottish quality that my grandmother had etc, is almost impossible to get anymore.

      But I can tell you that Soft Goats cashmere is outstanding and very, very nice and they can hold the cheap preices for the simple fact that it is an internet built business which hold the costs around low. If you'd like to pay 1000 Euro more for a cashmere sweater, it's up to everyone, but for my lifestyle this is more than perfect!

      Thank you for the comment!

  6. chic as always...buuuut the hat looks ..stupid.SORRY,totaly overdressed.

  7. the hat really looks stupid... sorry, in generall I like your style

  8. About the hat, I like it and it serves it purpose well, which is to keep my eyes from sun. I also think it's fun and different but M is not very fond of it either so I almost expected to get some reactions on it.

    Thank you!

  9. Hum Stina for the hat I share the opinion of M! Sorry it's not you... Hugs Uta

  10. The new edition to the family is looking bigger and more beautiful by the day!

    Wish you all the best,
    the ALLAROUNDEVE team