Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Early morning

Morning in the kitchen just some hours ago and checking all my "to-do" lists of things that needs to be done and planned for before the baby arrives. Being pregnant, with a little toddler around, doesn't really makes you the fastest brain thinker in this world and I do have to write down most things in life in my notebook not to forget them.
I've almost decided now what sibling pram to get and little L's room starting to be created in my mind with furnitures, colours etc and the coordination for the upcoming trips needs some serious consideration and planning to work smoothly for all of us.
Soon I'm off for a nice lunch with this lovely woman and later on today we'll celebrate this little doll, turning two years old today! Talk soon!

(cardigan/poncho & Alexis sweater: Davida)


  1. Charming and Beautiful picture of you two!

  2. It´s so lovely to see you write down your notes and not memorize them on your phone, sorry, but i´m so old-fashioned and i have a passion for nice pencils and notebooks!
    Stina, you always look so organized and calm!
    Have a nice lunch and hopefully a very calm children's-birthday party!
    All the best,

    1. Thank you Lena,

      I do, I even write letters by hand and send postcards. I love writing and I love beautiful notebooks like this one from Hermés with a nice, old fashioned Montblanc pen. It's a true pleasure in that.

      I am quite a calm person, but It can be stormy around me. Actually it's often stormy around me, that's probably why I need to stay calm and balanced. Blink


  3. Yes I like so much to write notes by hand it's nice to see that you too. Are you myopic Stina ? Nice glases

    1. Thank you Uta, the glasses are a very old pair from Dolce & Gabbana.

  4. Where is your beautiful J.Crews necklace from?

  5. From where have you bought it? It's very nice!

  6. Sorry to break the serenity of your morning moment Stina, but I've just been reading about the riots in Stockholm over immigration and unemployment. Sounds horribly familiar.
    Hope all your family and friends are safe!

  7. Stina, I like your blog so much, you are so beautiful and stylish and your whole family is so lovely! Is that the Tulip table?