Friday, May 24, 2013

One decision less

So remember when I asked all of you readers what sibling pram to get for our family? Thank you again for all well formulated answers of great value. I read through them all and looked at every one of them.
And finely the decision is taken. Phu ... One thing to take off my "to-do" list and one of big importance.

In Zürich all the food-stores entries are very narrow, not to talk about the old trams in the tram system which, (despite from the impossible way of using the old trams with prams, the doors has a metal pool in the middle which is just so stupid for parents and handicapped people, we often have to wait for the same tram number but with a lover entree so we easily can role in, instead of needing to lift the pram up, which is impossible if you don't get help from anyone), are very convenient, quick and goes often. In other words I've been analysing the city with pram-eyes and realised exactly what would work and what wouldn't. Also, we travel a lot, and often I travel by myself, both with car and flight and for that sake the sibling pram had other demands to reach up to also.
That this one that we decided for is super stylish, has a beautiful fabric etc, wont do me any harm either. I'll tell you soon which one it is.


  1. liebe stina, sprichst du deutsch bzw. schwitzerdeutsch?

  2. Vad spännande att få se vad det blev. Happy friday till dig och familjen. kram Linda