Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday thought's

I really don't want to mention the weather, but how can you not when it's constantly grey, rain and 4° outside the window. It drives me insane to be honest and it impacts my mood in a way that I hate. I've been so negative the last couple of days and have probably attracted even more bad things to me because of that.
At least I have some nice pieces to wear when the rest feels hopeless - and I'm beyond grateful that these superficial things actually can lift my mood, at least a little. I've always been crazy about the combination of beige and navy and today I used the blend completely and wore my new sweater/poncho for the first time. It's truly perfect for times like this when you need to be warm but still want to have a feeling of effortless dressing.

(coat: Marc Jacobs, sweater: Davida, here, bag: Chanel & boots: Christian Louboutin)


  1. Hi Stina

    This week I received the sweater from Soft Goat! And I LOVE IT!!! The quality is perfect and it has such a nice comfy and cosy feeling! Thank you so much for the discount code. Hope your mood is turning better next days although the weather is still bad.


  2. Dear Stina,

    I have been reading your blog, and I have to say that I like very much your style. However, I was curious about how can you afford to have all these names (Christian Louboutin, Valentino, Lanvin, Hermès etc.).

    I will continue reading your posts with lots of interest!

  3. Uta writing
    Same bad temper plus a bad cold caught with this weather..
    I really like your poncho so sweet and all the general allure you have with bag, coat and L boots. Your hakr also look blonder and these pictures are very fashion because you are so natural and sitting with A and Tiger irs my favoroute one.
    You are really pretty dear Stina and perfect taste. XX

  4. Please don´t speak about weather...every time i get sad;)it´s just so horrible. Yesterday we even coudn´t watch the champions league final outside (the famous public viewing in Germany)!
    Love this combo, i´m also a big fan of the classical colors, they´re never old-fashioned and work the whole year! Specially when it is really summer, with a nice tan and then the combo of navy/blue/gold/white.
    All the best and have a nice Sunday down in Zurich,

    1. You too. Sad to hear about the CL weather.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!