Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Soft luxury

So you wanted to know what was inside the beautiful parcel, et voila, your wish is my demand! Two cashmere ponchos/cardigans for me (this and this), very chic and absolutely perfect for the state I'm in and throughout all seasons, and another little dark blue sweater in cashmere with a zipper for Alexis, perfect for the ongoing, very chilly temperatures or late summer nights. I'll show them on as soon as I have a chance. They arrive with a cashmere comb and a dust bag, perfect for years of refreshment and when traveling.

You also asked me to get you a discount code, and for the upcoming Mothers Day and all, what could be better then 15 percent off any order? Just use the discount code: STINA when paying!

Happy shopping and for you who lives in Sweden or are Swedish, don't forget your mother on Sunday.   If you purchase today, the delivery will reach her on Friday this week.


  1. I do not imagine how it is open dear Stina?

    1. It has two wholes under the arms, so it can serve both as a poncho in the style but be more convenient with the sleeves!

  2. a toddler in cashmere? Is this necessary?

    1. No of course it's not necessary, like most things for kids. What they truly need is love, time and a good pair of rolemodels, food, liquid and a pram and a bed maybe. All the rest is are over-consumpition most of the time. But cashmere is a fantastic, pure and living material for kids if the parents choose to let them wear it. You need less sweaters because they both look good, are gentle towards the skin and keep the temperatures in perfect order like no other material.

      Alexis have been wearing cashmere ever since he was small and I truly love the material on him, both for it's aesthetic look and for the purpose.