Friday, May 17, 2013

The little black ...

I just had a chat with my dear mother in law in Geneva, and she said it was winter down there. Hu ... Not nice at all, but it gives me an opportunity to find things in my closet mostly made for colder days. This stunning little black jacket for example and my Kelly that I truly love. I twist them up, not to look too classic and doll, with a extravagant necklace and a simple white t-shirt and some jeans.
Now I'll pack, eat lunch, take a nap when Alexis is napping, do the last couple of errands and then wait for my man to get back from work and I'll hopefully sleep in the car back down to Geneva. The last trimester of the pregnancy is stepping in and I do remember that the tiredness gets back during this time. So boring and frustrating, I hate feeling like I'm on a sleeping pill all day long, but it seems like it's the price one have to pay when creating small princes inside of me. Blink.

(blazer: Chanel, t-shirt: COS, necklace: J.Crew and bag: Hermés Kelly with a Hermés Twilly scarf wrapped around the handle)


  1. Very good choice because it was 11 degrees this morning. And announcing same for few days at least! They put back pullovers to sell at Zara again,,,, in place of summer items! Anyway I wish you some fantastic days and nights to come dear Stina. UTA

  2. Love this look! Simple but elegant, something I would wear myself so I guess I am partial. Have a lovely weekend, heard that the weather furhter south has been terrible lately, I hope it improves!


  3. Have a nice time in Geneva, make the best out of this "spring"!
    All the best,