Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tranquility of love

Life with this little boy, ohhh, life with this little boy. Sometimes I feel like i'm in heaven, having his wonderful personality and spirit around me. I'm so grateful to be able so spend almost every hour of the day with his smell, his wet kisses, his laughter, his words, his hugs and his curiosity. Thank you universe for sending this amazing little son directly into my arms! Love has gone beyond something describable after experiencing all the feelings I share with him.

(pea soup, here)


  1. So tenderness Stina. Nice peonys with little hand. XXx Uta

  2. I SO agree with you. I have a 2 year old boy home and I feel the same way. There is indeed a very special connection between a boy and his mother. His dad is jealous and wants me to have a girl this time (I am due in July).

  3. Kärlek i både ord och bild.
    När du skriver på det där sättet får jag tårar i ögonen - varenda gång.

  4. Underbart skrivet! Vackra och starka ord.

  5. Little children always have to feel everything with their little hands, as an adult, you don´t touch a flower with such a careful curiosity!Feel, smell, taste;)thats even as a not-toddler very appealing!
    All the best,

  6. Boy oh BOY how i love your touching,loving words..Motherhood becomes you!i wish you more love with little L,and hope to read your amazing sensations doubled up!