Friday, May 3, 2013

Virtusize - a perfect online measurement tool

I have quite an easy body when it comes to sizes and models on clothes in general. Normally I'm a classic 36 and because of the fact that I'm not super tall or super short, most things fits me as expected. The only real problem usually occurs on trousers due to the fact that I have a small waist, but a curvy bump and thigh. The length very often needs to be corrected but that's very easy. But due to my pregnancy and how the body and belly is shaping itself, buying clothes online is much harder. I also find it ridiculous that so many brands have such a gap and differences between sizes.
A size 36 in one designer can be two sizes too big or small from another one and that really disturbs me. Pregnant or non pregnant it really should be a "world standard in sizes" for all designers and companies to be made out from!
My little sister Lissie and me was discussing this the other night and she finds it almost impossible to shop online for the problematic situation with the sizes. She is shorter then me, with a super feminine body, a tiny waist and beautiful curvy hips. She said that she hates the online shopping for the simple fact that things never fits in the end.
But as a regular online shopper I discovered this measurment tool some month ago that I just have to tell you about. I actually meet some people behind it in the end and they told me that it's starting to be world spread on most big online stores which purpose is to simplify the extermly problematic situation with sizes.
It's called Virtusize and the only thing you need to do is to register, take your measurements on a dress (or whatever garment you want to buy, top, trousers, skirt) in the same or most similar model as the one you want to buy, and save them in your account and then surf around on the different clothing companies that carry this tool and compare the new item to the your own t-shirt or dress, saved in your Vitusize closet.
I am allergic to complicated tools and I'm very lazy when it comes to things with too many steps, but this is so easy and you can really in such a smart an easy way see exactly how it would look and fit for the simple fact that you compare it with something you own that already looks good on you.

I used this tool a couple of weeks ago when I bought this dress from Rodebjer which is a brand I know are quite big in size but I didn't know how big to be expected. By measure another dress that fit me now, even as pregnant, I could understand that it was a Medium I should order. But on this dress, the same designer, when I measured it I found out I needed a Small. Weird but true. Both dresses arrived and fitted me perfect so this is really something I'd like to tell you about and hopefully it would ease your online shopping very much in the future and take away all the disappointment that comes when you order something, long for it and then realise it doesn't fit when you get the parcel!

The easiest way to access it is to go to the company, (see HERE for the example at then choose the clothing you like, click on "size & fitting" and then you see this little logo that they have and if you click on it you will automatically start using it. Good luck!


  1. A great i nformation for all who are not pregnant princess Stina!! Life without pregnancy exists also! Do not talk only of that.

    1. This is a service for woman. Not pregnant women.
      Many women out there are afraid of shopping online because of the problem with their body type or the different sizes of different brands. So this has nothing to do with motherhood or pregnancy, I just mentioned that it also works if you happen to be pregnant.

      But I do have to say that I'm a mother and soon a mother of two, so this blog will be impacted by that fact, sometimes more, sometimes less.


  2. Well answered dear Stina.
    Your blog is perfect do not change anything and do not mind of these stupid comments.
    Thank's for the information by the way. XX

  3. Uta is right, do not change anything.You give us, the readers, small glimpse of your live, and your child, M, belongs to that.
    Loved your blog from the first time i discovered it!
    Maybe i will try Virtuosize. I ´m bored that sometime i have a XS in a skirt and then a M/L, which isn´t very nice from the designers, and also for yourself!
    All the best,