Sunday, June 30, 2013

A table

I've taken so many new photos that soon will come up here. But the weather is outstanding! Warm, sunny and dad brought some really nice music along so we've been chilli'n by the pool all day. But we've also gone out dining and wining and I'll show you the magical sky from that place and some sensual and really captivating pictures I've taken on my sister lately. In the meantime you'll have to drown in the colours from our lunch today. See you soon. I


  1. Nice colours but what is it Stina? A lot of oignons no?
    Where is your M ? It's a long time that you are alone...

  2. Your lunch looks delicious, and the picture of you and your sister on instagram is lovely! Looking forward to more photos. Hugs B.

  3. Your coloured salad looks very fresh and I a m looking forward to seeing all new pictures dear Stina.

  4. Dear Stina,

    I want to follow your beautiful sister on instantgram but since I do not have a good smartphone I can only see your pictures through webstagram but not your sisters. Do you know why? Maybe she locked it? Or is it that only her friends and follower can see her pictures too?

    Keep the beautiful pictures up and I am very much looking forward to new videos :)