Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black'n white love

All of you who have children of your own, or takes care or someones else's from time to time; will now exactly what I'm talking about. But this little toddler body, this little son of mine, the loveofmylife, his little skinny arms and legs that sits so perfectly glued to my body ... it's the strongest addiction I've ever experienced. It's like we're made for each other and I just can't get enough of his little spiritual being, his scent, with all the curiousness, exploration mood, his way of communicate and just being such a big person in such a small and soft body. It's so much more fun this year when he can actually walk around all by himself, has his own will and saying and are very much a little creature with his very own personality.


  1. I can assure you Stina, it just gets better and better and better!

  2. You should put a hat on his head and yours also, under this sun....

    1. I am sure Stina knows what she should

  3. Det finns inget bättre än dessa underverk...
    Mina barn börjar bli lite äldre och min son som har fyllt 15..han är 1,84 men att få en kram av honom och höra att man är världens bästa mamma gör en varm in i själen !!

    Vi har barnen till låns och dom ska vi vara rädda om !

    Ta hand om dig fina Stina

  4. Seems like such a beautiful relationship between the two of you. I'm sure A feels exactly the same way :))

    I wonder if you can share with me, if you remember, the ca price of the Chanel-sandals that you used for this outfit? I really want to get them myself :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday'!!

  5. It,s such a sweet time when they are so young, but now with 3 young adults i,m
    enjoying their unique personalities, and my sleep at night ;-) Have a lovely time in France

  6. In the pool is where i practically live now since it got hot here in Italy.

  7. Such beautiful puctures with little A in your arms.
    A lot of love ...
    Xx UTa

  8. Simply lovely <3 I habe several eres bathing Suite, but I don't know the Name of the suit you are wearing. I like it very much / B.

  9. I think I am the only one on your blog who would like to see you write MORE kids stuff!
    Just got a son of my own - it's magical. Everything else becomes pretty secondary to being his mum.
    He is sleeping now, I can't wait until he gets up.