Friday, June 21, 2013


South of France, how we've missed you! 
Breakfast on the terrace and lunch by the pool. It sounds like heaven to me!


  1. Hapoy that You were out fron ZH with what's happened..
    In my place on my 2 terraces it has been all broken. A nightmare and all blinders Broken. On 3 very large windows!
    Enjoy Provence, I will be there next week for 1 week.

  2. i am so impressed about your traveling posts. It is so nice to read how much you enjoy traveling with Alex. We are going to Sicily with 2 years boy and i am so worried how we will manage. First the friend we are travelling with, don't have kinds.Second our boy is very active. Eating in restaurants i guess will be a problem.They wont to visit so many places and i am not sure it will be good for our baby.I will be so nice to here how you react if Alex doing something wrong in public?and how you react if somebody telling you,that you not raise him well.

  3. If you raise your baby well there is no problem but actually all parents are leaving them doing crying or running everywhere and it's awfulbfor othet customers it's more and more like this.... In Sicilia there are so many childre everywhere bad educated that we left this hotel of luxe... Few daays before. Particularly English parents! Not Italians...
    All is coming from parents only.
    You are very well educated it looks you wont have problems.