Thursday, June 13, 2013

Delicious red thai curry and coconut milk dish

Ok, this recipe I got from a dear friend of mine and it's too good not to reveal to all of you readers who enjoy healthy, well cooked but sometimes faster made dinners. It's so delicious that both M and me almost licked the last sauce from the plates yesterday evening.


4 people

- perfumed rice (Jasmin rice)
- 4 filés of chicken
- 500ml full coconut milk
- fresh ginger
- red thai curry paste
- 2 red pepper (paprika)
- suger snaps
- suger
- oil
- salt
- asian fish sauce (comes in small bottles and stink as ... but very nice in asian food)

Cut the chicken filet in small pieces. Peel the fresh ginger and cut it in coin sizes pieces and blend them all together in a plastic bag with a lot of oil for marination. Leave in the fridge for at least an hour.
Take the ginger away from the chicken, then fry the chicken in some oil until they get a nice colour, add 3 big table spoons of the red thai paste and stir it together. Add 1 tea spoon of sugar and stir and fry for five more minutes. Poor it all to a separate bowl and start cutting the red pepper in small, long shapes and fry them in the fat from the chicken and the red curry paste. They should have a nice, softer texture when you know it's time to add the chicken again. Let it fry a little bit together and then add the coconut milk and stir. Drop about 15- 20 drops of the (stinking) fish sauce into the mix and add all of the sugar snaps into the mix and let it cook in a low, low temperature for about ten minutes. Taste it, if you want more spice, then add more curry paste, more salt? Then add more fish sauce. More sweetness? Then a tiny bit of more sugar.
Serve with the rice and enjoy with a cold beer (alcohol free for my part)!


  1. Sounds delish! :-) Thank you Stina för sharing!
    When you can find the time I would very much also love the recipe for Pasta Vongole! :-)
    Love T.

  2. Mmmm ser supergott ut. Måste ta och prova det. Hoppas du har en fin dag! Kram Linda

  3. It looks too too good but you are patient to cook all this.... It's long to prepare as all asian dishes.
    I will come to you to eat it!!! I a m joking of course but I love the asian cooking also and very spicy!
    Hugs beautiful Stina.

  4. Hahaha@stinky sauce! This looks yummz..also requesting the pasta vongole recipe,with many thanks in advance -all the best,Lana