Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday love

So Dear readers first of all I would like to Thank all of you who recently sent me long emails about so many different areas in life and reflections. I've got emails about who you are, compliments for this blog, a little greeting for me or just kind words about how this blog inspired them in life in so many dynamic ways. One now moved to another country because I showed that it's manageable, another woman dared to break up with her boyfriend since I dared to even divorce a couple of years back and didn't settle for less then to follow my heart. Another woman wrote about how she started to really make an effort with her dressing, another how she finally realised the difference in purchase quality instead of quantity, another of you wrote about how liberating she finds it that I'm quite honest about the wonderful but also hard times of motherhood, a man actually wrote to me and explained how his wife found so much comfort of reading the older parts of this blog when M was still only coming in the weekend or every second weekend to us - just like he had to do now in his work, etc, etc ... I got a lot of questions recently about Hermés and ordering them, materials and when I will put up more things in Stina's Vintage Store (which i will very soon!). As you see, emails of all kinds and I read them all with a great pleasure and humbleness.
I've tried to answer them all, even though the answer is a little late. I hope I didn't forget to answer anyone. I truly find it so kind and touching that I have so many of you sharing so much with me on a regular basis.

Writing a blog is so boring without feedback. These emails, comments and a present feeling of you readers make me focus even more to give you something of quality and that extra. Don't forget how important it is for me, to feel and have you as visible readers even though I know that most of you, probably 90 percent are the silent kind. And probably that's what I also get so many emails, you often present yourself as "one of the more silent admirer/readers". Please make your self noticeable! I really appreciate it and try to answer almost every comment I get!

But I also would like to hear what you feel about the blog now. How do you find the mix of subjects, is there anything you would like to have more of or is it fine just the way it is for the moment? It's always interesting to hear your opinion as readers and objective critics, so simply - what do you like about the blog and what would you like to see more of?

Looking forward to read what you have to say! Happy Friday!


  1. Dear Stina,

    So kind of you to thank us when we should be thankful.
    I love to see your style, the pure way of your fashion.
    I also love the love for your son.
    I love to read what you think about things.

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  2. Stina, du är och förblir min absoluta favoritbloggerska. Din ödmjukhet, din intelligens, skönhet, konstnärlighet, vackra ord, och djupa funderingar ger mig så mycket. Tack för det arbetet du lägger ner på denna blogg för oss läsare att njuta av.

    Med Sol, Malena(mi)

  3. Jag tycker att du har en härlig mix i din blogg men gillar speciellt när du skriver om familjeliv och hur det är att vara mamma. Jag har väldigt tätt mellan mina barn och uppskattar att du delar med dig av att det inte alltid bara är rosenskimrande med barn även om man fortfarande älskar dem mest i hela världen. Tex att du fått gå hem från restaurang pga din son inte ville sitta still vilket hänt oss massor av gånger. Annars tycker jag att alla som skriver familjerelaterade saker bara har barn som är som små ljus.... vilket jag inte tror en sekund på. Älskar också alla dina fina bilder på natur, kläder och mat. Du har en härlig blogg med skön stämning!


  4. Hi Stina, i am a newlywed, 30 years old academician who is living in Ankara and i have to say that checking ur blog is a daily and refreshing routine for me. I like the way that u share pieces from ur daily life. I really appreciate ur intercultural sharings and reading ur cultural observations and experience means a lot to me. I get tips about motherhood and learn about putting some glam to daily life. And Alexis. Such a happy kid! His photos are really adorable and I hope that one day when I have a chid I can raise him or her like u. Giving so much love and care to him or her.. Thanks a lot for this inspiring blog and kind attitude. Derya

  5. Vilket oerhört fint foto! Kram Linda

  6. That is the first comment in all the Time I read you blog.
    Your Blog is like Holiday for me. I love that you have the Chance to travel a lot and let us be a part of it.

    So, your little A is almost 2 months older than my little Boy. My wish to become a Mum for the second time is really big but my fears to be a Mum with a Toddler and a Baby was bigger.
    But when you have written you're pregnant for the second time. That was like an Inspiration. I've been thinking about it and now my Husband and me are sure that it would be great to make our little to a "Big Brother".
    Every Post of you is full of joy and happiness and makes me also happy. And now I'm looking forward to get Pregnant soon as possible.

    Thank you Stina.

  7. I keep coming to your blog for all the beauty,creative ideas and subjects you come up and last but not least,i just love watching little young man Alexis growing God bless him every step of the are lovely and uber stylish-i will not mention M here as we are praising Stina ! Well ,till after the BIG day !then we'll be all over you with things to say about your great man!!.. Overall,yours is a great blog dear Stina,and I hope to read you till you're a great-grandma,hahaha!all the best,Lana

  8. Adorable picture!
    I enjoy reading your thoughts and looking at all the lovely pictures of style and travel. And this is random but I love the picture from one of the parties, with the pregnant mamas standing together and the guy in the background sticking his "belly" out too! haha! Such a great capture that made me laugh out loud.

  9. Just wanted to say hi Form iceland:)Internet doesn't work well and fast.Just keep on blogging.Would love to have an regular question-answer category,interior stuff and maybe books/Films you can recommend.Lot's of love from Vik! Lena

  10. Love your blog Stina. Love seeing and reading about your glamourous and stylish life. Your gorgeous boy and your thoughtful reflections. A world away from my very different but lovely life in Australia.

  11. Dear Stina,
    Let me tell you that as soon as awake I open my i pad to read you, to hear your wise advices, to enjoy each one pf your fashion pictures , your family life, your so mature good sense of the things happening, your strenght, and the list could continue 3 pages. You are the only one who allows me to,go away with some problems I have at this time and I kile all your texts written with intelligence and good sens . Despite the fact that I llooooove your kind of marvellous beauty which you carry on with simplicity, refinement,sense of fashion even pregnant. It's true that now I dare to mix more styles with colours and shoes etc....
    It'a a long time that you inspire me, I a m older than you but my life , taste, and many of your thinkimg plus your travelling reminds all my life with such a pleasure.
    You assure everything and are honnest first quality for me.
    To be honnest you are almost a twin in my heart and helps a lot.
    Each subject is a new happiness, ones with little A, ones with Tiger, ones with all, all, all. Please continue to be yoursef as you are and sure that many many followers needs persons like you. Beauty in sus.
    I love your quality of life also with such beautiful accessories, clothes even when more simple you have such a personality that of course some can be jealous of all you got from God and by yourself and your strenght,
    You found with M the man who is the person who allows you to be yourself and let you to develop by your own keeping your personality. . My husband was the same when your age and now we are so tied each other with all thar has happend in life than really dear dear Sina continue to make me dream and encourage for these bad actual period.
    All my love and respect.
    PS. The only thing is that my English is really bad and I cannot exprime myself how I would like sometimmes for you!!!

  12. Underbart kort!

    Förut kom det upp på twitter när du la upp ett nytt inlägg, men det har slutat göra det nu, har du lagt ner twitter?

    Bra blogg och innehåll, tycker det är en bra mix mellan mode, barn och fest. Lite mera inredningskort vore kul att se, tex hur ni bor, om det inte känns för privat för dig vill säga.

    Ha en härlig helg!


  13. Jag brukar inte kommentera men jag vill bara passa på att tacka för en underbar blogg med fantastiska bilder och intelligenta inlägg - det är inte precis gott om sådant ;)

  14. Hej Stina! Jag uppskattar att du lägger ner tid på att uppdatera bloggen. De dagar jag har för mycket på jobbet går jag in på din blogg och drömmer bort mig genom att titta på dina bilder :) De vackra bilderna från världens alla hörn blir ett skönt avbrott från kalkyler ;) Jag gillar att du skriver om alla aspekter i ditt liv. Hur det är att vara mamma, partner och affärskvinna. För de flesta av oss känner igen oss i något. Som någon nämnde tidigare så känns det också "befriande" när du skriver om de "jobbiga" delar av livet. Att inte hinna med, att känna sig förvirrad och otillräcklig men det är livet! Det gör att vi dina läsare känner igen oss och fortsätter läsa din blogg och ta till oss dina råd. Lättare att bygga en relation även om det är en "virtuell relation" med personer som visar sin mänskliga sida än de som målar upp en orealistisk bild av ett perfekt liv. Men man ska inte skriva för mycket om det jobbiga för alla har nog med sina egna "proble". Du har en perfekt balans. Mycke fin och inspirerande blogg! Fortsätt så! Kram

  15. Jag tycker din blogg är bra precis som den är. Roligt att du delar med dig av dina recept, flera av dem har blivit mina egna favoriter.

    Precis som du beskrev att någon av dina läsare hade mailat till dig, har även jag gått från att handla kvantitet till kvalitet. Hejdå polyester, hej silke och kashmir. Jag har inte din budget, men det hindrar mig inte från att göra mer medvetna val när jag handlar kläder, skor och accessoarer.

    Du inspirerar mig också att ta på mig "det där alldeles för festliga halsbandet" när jag ska till jobbet en vanlig tisdag. Eller att alltid ha färska blommor hemma. Men även som kvinna med välformulerade åsikter, ambition och drivkraft.
    Stor kram till dig och tack för att du fortsätter blogga.

  16. Dear Stina, i just discoverd your lovely blog via Faux Fauchsia and
    i just want to say how much i like it! Reading at the moment all your
    blogposts from the past. I love the combination of glamour and honesty
    in your writing!

  17. Hello sweetest Stina, I haven´t been writing for some time but I check your beautiful blog EVERY day! It´s an enjoyable habit and I must say that I LOVE it and I can not understand how you, dear lady can manage to maintain such high quality on the blog despite you taking care of two beautiful boys and being an adorable wife!

    Keep shining,

    Lots of Love from Stockholm

  18. Hi S,
    Love reading your blog and all it's goodness. I am a mother of two boys now 9 and 12. You have some very special times ahead of you. Raising boys is wonderfully rewarding and a real privilege! I love little A's bobby car! They are awesome! I have kept the one my boys had. It was the most used toy. Their little blue bobby car brings back so many fond memories. Keep on doing what you do! All the best, always!

  19. Dear Stina,
    I love your blog!
    Please write more about the Secret!! I have read all your post about the Secret several times!

    Kind regards,
    Linda, Stockholm

  20. I love the blog. I have a little boy and I love clothes. I work as a solicitor and am inspired by your glamour and love seeing your family photos x

  21. Dear Stina,

    I love love love your blog! It's my favourite and I read it at first every morning! It would be great if you would make some interieur posts and show a little more of your beautiful home and I would really appreciate some food tips or details of what you cook. But I could also understand if this would be too personal for you, especially pictures of your home. However, you do a great job and are a great inspiration. Thank you!!!

    Greetings from Germany


  22. Dear Stina,

    I just returned to reading your blog, after being away for a few weeks.

    When you confess that your life is not perfect, you feel exhausted, and part of you lives for a change - which is usual with a baby on the way and little one at home, who is developing every day - , you are just being honest to yourself and to us. This honesty, which we can find within all of us, is what inspires so many people to really talk about their lives to their loved-ones, and the decisions they have made, or are going to make.

    It's a stage that some people can never reach - being honest to oneself can be difficult, almost impossible sometimes. Asking a question: am I happy, that is the painful guestion we, however, have to ask.

    I feel like you are living the life that some can only dream, being always open to new ideas, not being afraid, and managing to build a foundation with rock solid family values: marriage, kids, love and respect for each other. It's a life most people want, and when we reach it, we feel finally at home.

    That is why I continue to read your blog, because even if we come from completely different walks of life ( I don't dine in gourmet restaurants and my wardrobe is quite small :) I still feel that we share something.

    As a woman, I want to wish you a very happy summer, with
    many happy moments with your family.

    Take care. :)

    1. My thoughts exactly... :)

  23. Even if it's YOUR blog it would be interesting to hear M's thoughts about living with a non swiss woman, parenting etc as I see Switzerland more conservative than Sweden. I must also say that I really like that you don't have ads on your blog. Otherwise I agree with the others!

    1. That would be really interesting!

  24. Vad fint av dig att tacka! Jag älskar din blogg innerligt och vill än en gång tacka dig så mycket för allt du ger mig som läsare. Din visdom, ditt sitt att berätta och beröra, alla vackra foton, dina äventyr, ditt sunda förnuft, karisma och din helt magiska stil, klass och känsla för mode. Och, dit sätt att dela med dig av vissa tankar och din kunskap. Du är en otrolig förebild. Önskar dig allt gott! Stor kram, Åsa

  25. As a silent reader:

    I started reading your blog many many years back when you still lived in sthlm. You were my alter ego as I was living in London - unhappily - dreaming of what my life would be like if I had stayed in my hometown... So I found your blog and imagined that was what my life would be like: I would live in Vasastan, be super stylish, have a cute dog, do kabbalah... :-)

    Then my life changed - and so did yours! - I started loving London and got married to the man of my dreams. We now have a little boy too... But there are still things that drive me nuts about this place too... And my husband works insane hours... and I feel really lonely sometimes... But your blog is so honest and such a great distraction.

    Gorgeous photos and a perfect mix between family + food + fashion.

    Keep up the excellent work! xx

  26. Dear Stina,

    I've been following your blog for quite some time and really enjoy it!

    You seem to have a wonderful style and amazing taste and I really do try to emulate it. However, I do not have a budget like yours. I think (and other readers might also agree) that it would also be nice to sometimes share with us how you plan your purchases. Do you budget? Do you buy online? Also since you don't work, how do you finance such expensive fashion? I know these are personal questions that you might find intrusive, but I think it would be really refreshing to share this with us as I know that many readers might also feel bad about their own lives after they read what a privileged life you have. I understand that your luxury may be a result of hard work and saving money, but if readers knew this then they too would be more inspired to work hard and achieve what you have.

    Please keep up the great blog and do show us more of your outfits! Also a few photos of your wardrobe and handbag collection would also be a treat :)

    All the best.

    A devoted reader

  27. Could you write something about if/how a woman should dress according to her age?? Not "do and dont" just some thoughts on the topic...