Monday, June 24, 2013

Happiness around the pool!

During the calm and peaceful days here at the family house, we play by the pool, in the pool and we look at the birds in the sky, a few helicopters here and there and exploring the ants, the wasps and other insects. But nothing got him in the mood of happiness, like when I told him whom is arriving tomorrow morning! Neither of us can actually wait! Jippiejiiiihhhoooo!!!


  1. En liten pojke! Så söt! Börjar äntligen bli en liten karaktär och person. Spännande!

    Kontaktar du mest dina vänner eller dem dig? Hur resonerar du kring intiativ tagandet? Det ska ju vara lika och en tvåvägskommunikation- annars ingen relation.

  2. So cute!

    I am curious to know if you speak swedish/german/french or english when you are talking to your son? Or a little bit of everything maybe?

    Best regards,

  3. Oh, he is completely adorable! I bet he will become a very handsome man.

  4. I had the same question as Astridur!

  5. Who is arriving with such a joy? Papa probably...

  6. Your sister!:)

  7. wonderful and beautiful don't speak French or German? is it not sometimes boring and lonely in France or Zurich,if you can not talk with the people there or reading the newspaper...? it looks like a beautiful and isolated living.

    1. Did you start reading the blog today?

      Sorry Stina but I'm getting a little bit tired of the sarcastic comments you receive.
      Have you ever heard about concern troll?
      There's to many of them out there...

      Med vänliga hälsningar

  8. Oh he is so adorable!!

    The funny thig is: He looks so much like my husband, when he was a child! With his blue eyes, pale skin and blond hair!

    I showed him the pictures and he was like: "Oh yes, he does look like me". And then i asked: "Have you ever met this woman???" :D

    We love to kind around.. ;)

    Have a great day!!

    Rebecca S.

  9. What I meant to say was "...kid around" ;)

    Rebecca S.

  10. Are your sister and mother coming? :-)

    Alexis is beyond adorable, what a stunningly beautiful little boy! I especially love the pictures with the big hat, what a great idea to use it as a photo prompt.

    All the best,

  11. Love your blog :-) Alexis is soooo sweet. He looks like a little bit like my son. They have the same age...

    Greetz Bianca

  12. Såååå söt i hatt och härliga färger! Så roligt att ni har den här sommaren tillsammans innan det kommer en liten till med allt vad det innebär, så skönt att hinna lära känna ett charmtroll i taget, att ha den tiden, och tiden nu som är som bäst i naturen, ha det så fint i fortsättningen!

  13. Incredibly cute. I've just discovered your Video on instagram. It's beautiful but much too Short . Please make more. Hugs B

  14. WHERE is the kid's hat???? So fine and fair hair, he's going to get burned undet that blazing sun!!! :O