Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keeping it simple during daytime

Some of you ask me how I can walk in heels during my pregnancy? Well, I wouldn't be able to if I did so all day long, which I don't. You who also follow me on Instagram (stina_auer), where I post more everyday outfits, have probably already noticed.
No, during pregnancy. I save heels for special occasions like parties, restaurants or something else more extraordinary. Right as this moment, with 37° of felt temperature in Zürich, my body feels so swollen, massive, aching and is not at all on my side. Plus, I have problems with the new big veins appearing during this pregnancy, pulsating, looking horribly ugly and is not at all very pleasant in the summer heat. I've been using support socks to help, but it's simply impossible in these warm times.
I normally wear flats during daytime or some other comfy, but nice looking shoes. Even joggings when my SPD (foglossning) was very complicated. I mean, it's all about looking good right? But feeling comfortable will never be less in focus because how can you look good if you don't feel good?!

(top and skirt: H&M, neon green flats: Chanel, catty shades: Prada, silver ring and bracelet: Emma Israelsson & beach bag from the Riviera)


  1. Yes very difficult this heat even for us not pregnant poor Stina. Tomorrow it's finished happily!
    Of course i have same Chanel!s colours ballerines than you...
    Courage dearest XX

    1. Yes, Uta ... It's already gone down here which I actually prefer. Around 27 degrees is just perfect1 It also has started to rain here from time to time.

      he ballets are sooo comfy!